Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Fa la la la laaaa ITS FREAKIN COLD in Mississippi people. Just in case yall didn't know. IM READY TO GO HOME! Where it is warm. TO MY OWN BED. IN MY OWN HOUSE. I have had almost enough holiday joy to last till next year. I hate temp drops. Any one that knows anything about lupus or arthritic conditions knows that temp drops mean OW(and makes me to say the least grumpy and lackin in holiday joy .(add kidney issues to that and you have pure hell in a prescription bottle) I feel like i am 90 and can't move. Its raining too. falalalalaa Bella is so full of energy and excitement and cannot wait till santa brings her gifts.... I cant wait either cuz then WE GET TO GO HOME! I love my family. I love Johns family BUT I REALLY THINK I COULD LOVE THEM BETTER IN ALABAMA right now. Im ready to TIME warp back to alabama...We did have a great time while we have been here. We had fun at Liz's, bella played with the boys and chased the rat I mean ferret all over the place.. when it wasnt busy doing a pulitzer prize non parachute jump onto the dog, waldo's back WHOM was not appreciative in the least.... seeing if it could hold on for 8 seconds as the terrified as hell dog goes barrelling through the house trying to figure out what the heck just fell out of the sky and landed on his back.. This dog is like 900 years old and is deaf by the way... which is good cuz he cant hear daisy the rat I mean ferret screaming YIPPEKIYAAAA *&^^^^((**** as she bronco rides his back. That was redneck entertainment people and EVEN MORE FUN on darvocet Im telling you.
we went last night to my brothers house and had THE BEST christmas meal of all times. MY ABSOLUTE most favorite thing IN THE WORLD stuffed bell peppers but NOT JUST ANY stuffed bell peppers but My brothers stuffed bell peppers. MAN them thangs are good. IF I HAD KNOWN we were having them Id have woke bellas butt up earlier and drug her even more grumpy self over to have them, but that is ok cuz ON MAMA Time we had to wait a half hour anyway. (yall who dont know my mother will soon learn the woman is NEVER on time for anything in her life will be late when the lord comes back cuz she would be scared her shoes werent matching her outfit or have to "run a comb through her hair" (?) sounds like something done to ones lawn not a grooming technique if you ask me (love you mom) and IT held up my eating process so I was not pleased. BUT no one suffered much loss.
They have the knew hell hound marlee who is cute as can be she is a shit zoo (mama pick up your jaw I SAID ZOO on the end of it I know your forehead just hit the computer screen witha bolt cuz You figure someone in the family just saw me say SHIT ZOO online and you think I will burn for it but ma it will be ok I promise cuz that is REALLY the kinda dog it is...) Bella kept asking if it had eyes...
cuz it is like a little dust shoe looking thing... And all it's hair is in its face and you cannot literally see its eyes.. she would examine it in every direction tyring to figure out which way was the front on it and then just shrug. THE little dog is so stinkin cute though I must tell y a. Taz (their spitz hey ma I SAID SPITZ that is reallly what kind of dog it is too) didnt seem to appreciate her much but he tolerated her living in his space a little bit. I think he is happy to have someone else for my brother to terrorize besides him. Bella had a great time and got a ton of toys as usual NO not spoiled at all. She had a great time touching EVERY SINGLE one of Aunt karens hallmark limited edition ornaments that play music and do all kinda crapp that I could never replace if she broke. My heart kept switching sides as she played them each. BUt she did have a grand time. We got the coolest gift from them. a fire pit which means WE CAN SET STUFF ON FIRE NOW hehehehe beware fellow alabamians we have fire pit. Our weekends will consist of seeing now JUST how much you can burn and how hi the flame can get before one calls the fire department.... in the city limits when there is a burn ban DO NOT FEAR we HAVE A FIRE PIT now. We are way tooo excited about this we have a beautiful fire place which we love BUT CANNOT USE because our child cannot breathe when we do SO NOW we can use this outside!!! I know John has wanted one for so long and I have to say IT iS ROCKIN COOL! It is the coolest thing ever!!!! The down side... the company shipped the wrong one so we have to wait to make fire cuz we have to send this one back and get the way even cooler one that they originally paid to much for, I mean got, cuz they ripped em off by 150 bucks and iF You know us .....THEN YOU KNOW Oh heck no... that aint gonna happen!!! WE shall declare war against that company and get the one we are supposed to , a refund or a even better fire makin pit by we have a cease fire (hahahaha get it Cease FIRE) in progress until the correct one arrives... THEREFORE yall are all still safe for now.. step away from the fire extinguishers. BUT BE WARNED it is gonna happen soon hehehehhee.
My mom gave me a BEAUTIFUL crispy un named forthe main reason... cuz my husband dont need to know ,sum of money for me to spend on scrapbook stuff! (it had a note saying this is to be used on scrapbook stuff ONLY!!!! I SAVED IT!!) SO YALL BEWARE Tuesday I shall be armed with cash! Yeah she gave me double too cuz my birthday is Jan 1st ( I will pause so you all can write that down cuz I KNOW you will not want to forget that and all the things that were on my christmas list I didnt get I will be sure to let you know ... so you can get the appropriate gifts hehehehhee )
I really am happy mama did that cuz I have a few things I must have and we spent the last of our money time warping to Mississippi for the holiday... SO NOW NOTHING stands in my way but mileage. Well Bella is nestled all snug in bed for the moment and IM SURE she will be up to see if the fat dude in red has come to bombard her with THE TON OF TOYS I suspect that is in the living room as we speak, guarded by a short loveable yet determined grandma who is armed with a kodak easy share. I saw her camped out on the couch so she wouldnt miss the grand entrance of mini me. BY THE WAY stay tuned tomorrow to hear the tale of how my mother is also NOW ARMED with a digital camera.... THIS MY FRIENDS is gonna be an adventure ( I will explain more later but if you ever remember me telling you about my mom and the computer,,, when she received a notable spam email about certain ughmmm embelishments to help endow a man.and she couldnt figure out WHY ON EARTH someone would dare send her such a thing cuz she is a good christian woman and such garbage would never be acceptable for her to see better yet read (yet she read the entire email to me over the phone spelling the words she considered ugly instead of saying them cuz that is not NEAR as bad and god will not write that down in his big book if you spell it instead of say them) ..... YOU WILL think this is freakin hysterical I PROMISE!) STAY tuned we are on our way home tomorrow and I WILL HAVE a ton of photos to bombard and bore you to tears with.... still wishin I had the ferret /waldo rodeo on film for yall to see that ws priceless. I am on my mother in law (whom I love dearly but hate this freaking laptop she has.sorry mom it is more useful as a boat anchor we need to get you a better computer and if this is hi speed internet teh squirrels need to run faster on that little wheel cuz this is taking for flippin ever to load.... lord help us all... I know i forget where we are at... nowhereville yes I lived here for 34 years I remember this place but we live in the big there city of MOBILE now and got spoiled to finer things in life like.... HI SPEED INTERNET. I feel like we time warped.
SO MERRY CHRISTMAS YALL and thank GOD we are going home tomorrow and remember to Pray for my nephew Adam... He will have the pleasure of teaching my mom how to work her new digital camera........ He will hate us all forever Im sure.but he will receive a huge shiny crown in heaven just for this task i PROMISE YOUR ON THE GOOD LIST DUDE! MUAH!


Di Hickman (Spot-On) said...

hehehe too funny! I'll be glad to have you back in Bama and back where you belong - on yahoo! smooches nancy, luv ya!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

You're exhausting me.
Hey, all those scrapbooking cubes are are sale for $20 at Target starting tomorrow!

Vicky said...

Sounds like a very interesting, busy, but fun holiday. There really is no place like home though is there???? Glad you had a great Christmas, looking forward to seeing the pics. Happy upcoming birthday Nancy.

NancyJones said...

ps: kim... I got me some of them on sale cubes!!! IF yall don't know it KIM IS THE QUEEEEN ON SALES! SHE CAN SNIFF ONE OUT FROM MILES AROUND AND AHEAD OF ANYONE ELSE! SHE GETS MORE GOOD DEALS THAN ANYONE EVER and she shares :) So thanks for telling me bout the target cubes as I am using the handy dandy label maker on them NOW!