Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shhhh! it's a surprise.

I made this little mini book for my hubby. He is so cute. I think he will enjoy it.
Mind you it is not pub quality just a happy thing I did and spur of the moment, 3 hours total little book from scratch. I get asked all the time How I make these little books and they are SOOOOO SIMPLE you would just SOOOO slap yourself silly thinkin' its hard! SO here are the instructions.. Hope they make sense:

You take a sheet of chipboard like the kind that comes with the 12 x 12 packs of paper or on the back of the scrap pads. I get them in shipments sometimes to when they dont want my paper to bend. I save them just for this! Cut you a 6 wide by 12 strip. Then cut it in half so you have 2, 6 x 6 pieces. Cut you a sheet of paper you want to cover it with... 7 x 7 and wrap it over like a present (make sense you with me so far? (i use redline to adhere the paper to the chipboard so it will stick good especially if it is like basic grey or thick paper like cosmo cricket which is what I used here)

Take you 2 sheets of cardstock in coordinating colors or the same color. cut them in half (6 x 12 strip) then trim off an inch to make it 5 x 11 (does that make sense? EACH SHEET) fold it in half so it is like a little book (i ussually will trim the edge just a little more when I fold it over so the middle ones dont stick out but I do it after I bind the book... so it is even make sense?) (yess stack them all together and fold) I then take my handy dandy cropodile thing that is the best thing since sliced bread. EVAH!!!! Use the little hole punch and make it where its as far as it will go in length. punch you a hole as far in the crease going up and down on both sides up and down .... so you have 2 holes. (you can do all the sheets at one time should be 4) Then I take ribbon and start on the inside go in one hole out the other and then even it up then go BACK THROUGH the opposite holes again. Then tie on the outside in a little bow. Take your chipboard you covered... Glue the cover on the front of the book and on the back of the book (I use redline adhesive and I dont get stengy with it I use alot so it will hold up and be sure you want it where you stick it cuz it will be a mess if you have to pull it up.. YOu may wanna try it with some removeable adhesive first time then use the redline)

I like to then add a sheet of coordinating patterned paper and cover over the inside where the cover is glued to it so it is a smooth line and all pretty (makes it a little stronger too) OK now here is the one I made maybe it will make sense now.

I used the cosmo cricket jitterbug line and just a bunch of assorted scrap crapp i have in my scrap room to go on it. I didnt make it really fancy its kinda simple but they are so cute to give as little happys! I know they make me happy! what about you? I made a little christmas one and gave it to my friend Katrina... I hope she likes it. She seemed to. SOrry I didnt scan that one. Well I need to go finish washing clothes and get finished packing. we are headed out to the in laws for christmas. Yall have a merry christmas! I am sure I will be checkin in on yall! WITH PHOTOS oh wait I dont have my cable thingy on that laptop to upload crud. Well Ill bombard yall with pics when I get back SO THERE! SMOOCHIES!


wendy said...

that is awesome....very sweet!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Vicky said...

Looks great...I am sure you hubby will love it!! Happy Holidays!!!

Kara Jones said...

what a sweet little book! I need to make Jamie one of these!

Jocelyn said...

Hi Nancy!

Love the book! I'm sure he will too!!!

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Merry Christmas and See you in 2007!


Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Nancy
Love your mini book it is gorgeous. I bet your hubby will love it.

Wishing you and your family a very merry christmas

Best Wishes

Scrappytbear said...

I love that mini book! Please make me make one too! LOL Im completely lost when it comes to making awesome things like that! Great for you! Sometimes I find Scott gets forgotten when I am making thuings like that, so glad you think of John too!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

What a great book Nancy. Pub quality? I beg to differ and who cares anyway, right? He's gonna love it!