Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy day after!

Happy to be home... but I feel sorry for whomever decides to pick up trash in Mendenhall Mississippi. If yall are out and see wal mart bags and target bags on the side of the road.. .DONT PICK EM UP! Or if you do DONT LOOK INSIDE! I got sick all the way home yesterday. I took my medicine and thought i had eaten enough. WELL... WRONG. we got almost to Mendenhall and here we go. JOhn did the jump a lane cross traffic wheel sideways into a sideroad kick the door open and scream DONT GET IT IN THE CAR as I hurled into a wal mart bag. Bella is screaming WHY YOU GOIN YUCKY MOMMY YOU SICK? YOU NOT FEEL GOOD? DID YOU EAT SOMETHING? MOMMY YOU SICK? MOMMY .. MOMMY MOMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Huh huh? are ya? Im going blah Im ok blahh ha ha Bella its ok blahhh dont cry mommys fine blahhhhh.
He finally found a gas station open and pulled in I guess the little HE SHE that was running it could tell houston we have a problem he helped us get inside to the bathroom and clean me up. It was horrible im telling you. I was sooo embarrassed. But we survived and I got home passed out and felt much better today. (Thank you GOD)
I have another dr appt. tomorrow so we can see what my test results are and let him check my kidney function and stuff. IM pretty sure it was the fact I didnt eat enough witha ll that was going on Christmas morning. You have to eat good and I dont mean just a donut you have to eat like a meal or you get sick with this stupid stuff.
Anywho.. we went to target because they had those cubes on sale for 20 bucks so I got me 4 more cuz John had me one under the tree and I had bought one earlier with a gift certificate we had from something I cant remember now... so now I have 6 I need 2 more but they didnt have the one I wanted so we are going to try another target tomorrow. IF THEY dont have it I will ahve to order it online and I DONT want to cuz the shipping will be awful cuz them thangs are HEAVY! BUt they look soooo cool! I am so excited to get my scrap room fixed all pretty. My father in law totally surprised me I mean knocked me off my feet surprised me with another one of the stamp shelves like he made me last year. I am so happy about it! NOW I can put all my paint up there on the bottom shelves and the other stamps I have at the top. I kept joking that I needed to go buy more stamps so I could fill it up hahahaha! I am so proud of it.
Every one seemed to enjoy their home made gifts that I had gotten to make. I still have some things I didnt get done but Im exhausted. My mom came today with the stuff that wouldnt fit in our car and to help watch Bella while I go for this scan tomorrow and dr appt. well I need to go crash IM exhausted. Yall take care. I will have photos tomorrow whewewew! I am uploading all 479 now so when it is all done I can add a few to blogger. bella was so funny she has been bouncing around on that hop ball all day. OK Im off here toodles

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Vicky said...

ohhhh Nancy, it is too bad but funny all at the same time.(it always is when it doesn;t happen to you).