Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You know your a good cook when....

Your hubby ends up in the ER cuz the roast you cooked WAS SOOOOOOO GOOOD (how good was it Nancy?) SOOO GOOOD that he didn't wanna even chew it cuz it would ruin the flavor before swallowing... (HAHAHAHa sorry honey I LOVE YOU ) I AM SOOO HAPPY you are ok. You scared the fire out of me! BUt now it is a little funny since Your ok an all. ::wink::

YEs the drama never ceases to end at the Jones residence. I cooked a roast and man it was good. John has an issue though when he eats meats like roast or steak that sometimes they get stuck in his throat. (esp. when it is a huge piece, he didnt cut up or bother to chew, just shoves in his mouth) WELL, HE got a big ol honkin piece put it in his mouth IT was hot (hmm maybe that SMOKE ROLLIN OFF IT WOULD BE A CLUE) so he puts this big ol chunk in his mouth does the "OH MAN ITS HOT" dance and swallows ....then ugh ohh.. it wont go down ... wont go up ... ugh oh.. well he waits thinking it will work it's way down for .... 5 hours. (yes I raised utter cain at him) before letting me after I told his sister on him and his mama and threatened to drag him behind my car with yarn, ribbons and some adhesive tied in a pretty bow around his neck (red line no doubt) to the ER, where they would NOT ONLY have to take the meat out of his throat, but my hands from around the outside of it as well IF HE DIDNT GET IN THE CAR AND GO TO THE ER SO THEY COULD SAVE HIS LIFE.... NOPE he wasnt going. "ILL BE FINE I just need to get it out" (oh, well, why didnt you say so)... its been 5 hours.. not minutes.. HOURS ... KNOCK KNOCK... IT AINT COMIN UP without medical attention. FINALLY after talking to his sister(again) and her calling his mother... He agreed RELUCTANTLY to go.
SO we take Bella to her last year teacher's (Mrs Tracey GOD I LOVE HER) house drop her off. (did I mention my kid had those big ol sparkly horns the size of christmas trees? I think that was a prior post somewhere) then off to ER.
WEll when you get a big ol man still in his nice work clothes come in grabbing his chest and heaving to breathe THEY WISK YOU OFF. SO we splain what the deal is. THey gave him finally (it didnt take too long maybe 30 minutes in the waiting room... IM telling you IF YOU NEED TO go to er for anything GRAB YOUR CHEST they rush you bac,k man I dont care, broke arm.. broke leg, the flu GRAB YOUR CHEST) so they give him these 2 muscle relaxers and man he was like HEEElllooooo dahlin' after that. Mr Im chillin where is the party till he starts the upchuck. BUTconveinently right before they were gonna wheel him down to put the handy dandy pitch fork tube thingy down his throat and spear the roast out.. Up it came.. (Thank you lord) HE felt much better immediatly.

Guess what My dear sweet charming loving husbands words were.. "HEY HUN COME HERE... You need me to get that for you for the scrapbook page I KNOW you will do on this?"
MEN .... GOTTA LOVE EM! He also asked if this was gonna be on my blog tomorrow.... hehehe What do you think?! HEY it could have been worse. I could share the story of Bella asking you about your BIG GIRL PANTIES :) Love you honey SO HAPPY you are feeling better.

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*Jeanne* said...

I am so glad he is Okay. I was really worried last night. Eeek!

Oh we want the big girl panties story on your blog... WITH PICTURES! ROFL

NancyJones said...

OH girl you know I was a basket case. I was so worried. SCAREd THE BEEEJEEBERS out of me. I keep threatning him with the big girl panty story ROFLMBO too funny

Robin said...

OH MAN Nancy!!! I am so sorry it came to that! When you didn't say anything more about it, I thought that he had gotten it out. I am so sorry you had such a rough nite!! Maybe the next time you serve roast, you should cut his up in little tiny bite size pieces like you would for Bella!

On the other hand...I know what my mental image of the "Big Girl Panties" story WOULD be better with actual pictures tho!! LOL

Your LO's are fabulous!! Of course, you KNOW I'm a fan!! Luv Ya!

Didi said...

OMG Nancy!!! YOu must have been terrified!!! I'm soooo glad it came out and they didn't have to go the 'pitchfork' route! YIKES!! And I am DYING to hear the big girl panties story...I'm gonna nag til I hear it! LOL

Jana said...

OH MY!! I'm glad that all is well now!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Poor John! I suppose he was just jealous of all the ER and medical attention you've been getting. He was just feeling left out and wanted some drugs of his own. :)