Sunday, October 15, 2006

When did I get so flippin' old?

JOhn Bella and I rode to Mississippi yesterday to go to The Nichols/Boyd Pumpkin Patch (a really awesome place to go if you have never been) I really feel old today. We stopped and picked up John's mom and my cousin Jan and her grand daughter Brelynn met us there. We had a great time took lots of pictures of the kids. Went on the Hay ride tour where we saw buffalo and Zedonks (cross between a donkey and a zebra) and the regular cows and goats and chickens pot bellied pigs and stuff. We all with about 40 other people piled into a flat bed with sides trailor full of hay and rode around through pasture after pasture looking at animals and pumpkins and christmas trees. IT was a VERY BUMPY RIDE.
Bella had a fabulous time "papping" (petting) the animals and FEABEN (feeding) the baby chicks. She got a little confused on the pumpkins they looked like balls to her and if it wasnt the perfect one would toss it back down. We had to explain THESE THINGS are not balls and they will break and their seeds and eww stuff will fly out to not do that... well go figure... anyway after going to the pumpkin patch I went to the Local scrapbook store on that side of town scrappin DIvas and saw Miss Wendy and Rowan (hi guys) havent seen either of them in forever. SHe had some awesome stuff there. but I was rushed so didnt get to really shop. It was good to see them though. We stopped by My mom's (grandma's) and then went to Dave and Darlenes (it was Dave's birthday) and then made the drive back home. YES we came BACK HOME same day... DID I MENTION 3 hours one way? TODAY I feel like a train wreck or like a train wreck survivor. It would be easier to say what parts didnt hurt like maybe eyelashes... but im not so sure of that.
I look at the photos of Jan (wanna age her up and wrinkle her) she looks awesome. I look like IM the grandma of everyone even John.. NOT Jan. She looks like she walked off an album cover. I wanna sit on her or something hahah Love ya Jan. IT was so good seeing them since we normally only get to see them once a year. WE NEED to all get to gether more often.
HIghway 49 and a camry were not made for each other. ITs not that the car didnt have a smooth ride IT really did but man I can sure feel every crack in the pavement today. OK nuff fussing about feeble feeling bones. WE did have a wonderful time. We got to see old friends we havent seen in a long time, see Buffallo is sandhill Mississippi (who knew) and a zedonk... Bella still hasnt gotten over that and the walking goat. she thought that was too cool. She loved the tiny pumpkins and wanted to take them all home. she called them the cute pumpkins. They didnt have the old truck and the other decorations that they ussually have. We dont know if because of the crowds and kids climbing on them if that is why they werent there or what BUT I miss the cute photos we ussually get there. Bella loved getting the stamp on her hand of the three pumpkins and THE lady that drove our school bus when I was in first grade was working in the store.. HOW COOL IS THAT! John pointed out to me also we ussually go late in the evening and no one is ussually there but we went at high time on saturday when the tours were going on is why it was so crowded. But we still had SOOOO MUCH FUN! I am sure she will remember it forever and if she doesnt I have 192 photos to remind her.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Hopefully you can rest up the next couple of days.

*Jeanne* said...

Sounds like an amazing time Nancy! Just take care of yourself... for the next day out on the town...

I can't wait to see some pictures.

Carole Janson said...

Sounds like you had a ball Nancy, I also can't wait to see some photos.