Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Photos from the patch

We are still recouping at the Jones res. can't go and do anything it seems anymore that one of us doesn't get sick. Here are the photos I promised if BLOGGER will cooperate :)
Bella loved this tiny pumpkin. She wanted to ALTER it she said hahahaaha My daughter what can I say. She looked everywhere for her perfect pumpkin to take home with her. She loved looking at the Green ones too. Actually we did take home a green one as well.
THey had lots to do there from a old fashioned rope swing, a corn box kinda like a sand box.. and a hay maze. SHE had LOTS of fun! (check out those cowboy boots isn't she stylin') SHe thinks she is something in them boots now. WE have our Tuesday Night Girls Chat AT Scrap that Moment tonight. You should come check it out. We always have lots of fun. Hope everyone back home is safe from the storms last night. IT got really bad here too at one time we had 4 tornadoes and the sirens kept going off all night. SCARY! BUt everyone is safe and sound. Just didn't get much sleep last night haha.


*Jeanne* said...

Adorable photos Nancy... she is so precious!

Didi said...

I wanna see her punkin after she altered it! What a cutie!!!