Saturday, August 26, 2006

What were you doing a year ago today?

I know EXACTLY what I was doing.. FREAKING OUT. WE had the biggest named storm in the history of MY LIFE (mom was pregnant with me when Camille hit the coast in 69) and here we were living in Mobile ALabama! I WAS packin my crapp ready to get out. My hubby was like OH CALM Down it will be ok IT is gonna turn and go to Texas (great weather man he is ya know) quit over reacting. Well yall know that AUgust 28th Is the Anniversary of My dads death.. and I was not dealing that great with that but on top of it I thougth we were gonna die and go see him on the same date cuz a hurricane was a comin there fore I WASA GOIN!

God does things for the strangest reasons sometimes and IM NOT VAIN enough to think IT was cuz of me geez but the hurricane didnt hit on the day my daddy got killed ( I figure he knows me so well and KNOWS I can only deal with one thing at a time) so whamo the next day. DID I MENTION this was my first ever hurricane. yeah. we moved here AFTER Ivan. (that is how smart we are everyone else is leaving we say HOW much ya want fer dat house dayer bud) WE were smart enough to get one that had concrete in walls and a timberline roof but I have seen MANY OF Those laying in piles of rubble across the coast line. IM not gonna go into our entire hurricane story here on my blog this morning. BUT, I will share some layouts I have done on the hurricane. You can see what happened and see if you can see the blooper on one of them (yes I put a photo of my neighbors house NOT OUR house on the layout thought it so funny I LEFT IT to see how many people would notice but did make a notation on the back) OK so here are my layouts

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