Saturday, August 26, 2006


Journaling as follows: Powerless: 1 lacking in strength or power, helpless and totall ineffectual. 2. Lacking in legal or other authority. Powerless is such a broad word to describe what we were left after hurricane Katrina. In the literal sense yes we had no electricity. Ot was hot, Really hot. The first day it wasn't that bad. But, by day two the breeze leftover from the hurricane was gone. It was hot, humid and just plain sticky outside. I would bathe you off in the sink in cool water since we still had a little hot water left in the water heater, I wouldn't use just straight cold because it would take away your breathe. You didn't understand why you couldn't watch tv and why it was so dark in the evening. You wanted waffles but we had no way to cook them. We were powerless. When our friends carol and norman Hughes brought us their generator from Pensacola. It made it a lot better. We hooked up the refrigerator and deep freezer a box fan and a small tv. They brought us some milk for you and other necessities like Ice, sandwhich meat and bread. We lost all the contents of our refrigerator so anything cool was a luxury. We took turns in front of the fan cooling off. Finally we turned on the tv. The images we saw on television of the devastation throughout the south just were overwhelming. We felt so powerless. We had no idea the fate of the rest of the coast except by word of mouth and what they had said on the radio. Their descriptions failed in comparison to what we saw for the first time on that screen. It showed me just how small we are in the universe and how great and mighty God is. It showed me the perspective of how we take so many things for granted and in a flash we can be what we really are.... Powerless.


Jana said...

Hi Nancy! It's Jana from Scrapper's Bliss and I'd love it if you linked my blog on your's please. Now I'm off to read your's! Have a great weekend. :-)

danielle said...

Wow Nancy just wow...Your journaling on this page is so poignant. So sorry you and your family had to go through this, hugs, Danielle

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Love that layout! The simplicity of the moment is a much larger moment!