Friday, August 25, 2006

We interupt your regular scheduled life....

What is the world coming to. We were without internet and cable service for 4 and 1/2 days. I THOUGHT MY LIFE WAS GONNA END. There is nothing much worse than recovering from surgery and there only be 5 channels to watch. BUT luckily we survived and we are back on track. Media com had a SCHEDULED outage for upgrades they failed to tell anyone about.. and then Lightening struck something or whatever and like half of Mobile was without service. I am very very happy it is back working since I have 992 emails in my box.. (mostly wanting to know IF I want to buy viagra or get a cheap vacation or some diet pills ...anyway) I did get to do a LITTLE scrapping Not as much as I wanted to, Bella has had the flu and she shared it with John and me. (isnt that sweet of her) so much fun seeing your toes come out of your mouth when You still have stitches!! But she is feeling much better and went to school today. I will upload the pages I made after this scanner finishes copying them inch by flippin inch (taking for ever)
OH but I DO HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS!!! I got another page up for pub! YIPPEE. Bellas such anticipation layout is gonna be in next months scrapstreet magazine as well as Your Grill layout I did of John for fathers day. SO whew wew 2 more pubs!
The dt search for bliss ends today. IM so nervous. Im not even gonna get my hopes up cuz I KNOW so many talented people that applied, so like I have a snowballs chance in florida as to getting it. BUT at least I tried and IT was fun! IT is a ROCKIN place I have to admit. SO MUCH talent over there! OK Im gonna finish uploading these pages so you can see them. I will be so happy when I can drive again and get out of this house! Ta ta for now.

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