Monday, October 10, 2011

No Frills Crop/Class mini album THIS SATURDAY

I am honored to have been asked to teach a class with my pal Melissa Eschler at the NO FRILLS CROP at Providence Church Of God THIS SATURDAY. All of the proceeds 100% from the crop and from this class (and if we have any kits that we sale) will go to Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Darlene Chavers is the Hostess of this event. She is a 3 year survivor and dear friend. Breast cancer has touched so many of our lives I know it has ours. Everyone in this day and age knows someone or has a family member with Breast Cancer. I hope for the day when we can say like polio. I remember when it existed but it doesn't anymore. That cancer is a thing of the past.

Here is a sneak peak of the cover of the mini that I will be teaching. Melissa Eschler will also be assisting me with this class!

Thank you to Unkit Live and Teach Crafts like a Rockstar

I was going to put a title on this. BUT THENNNNN, I decided why make it so limited, WHY NOT let my students decide what they want their books to be about. These papers are so versatile and the colors are so vibrant and fun, It is pretty much limitless in what you could do with it. I will have an example already premade with title and photos if someone wants to make one and just doesn't know what to do.
BUT, I really want you to put your creative hats on.

THIS is going to be a very fun class. You know with Melissa and I together there is no telling what will happen haha! so Come have fun with us this Saturday.
(If there are any kits left over from this class we will be selling them after wards we will post it here and on facebook for anyone interested)

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