Friday, August 19, 2011

One week down..

So it has been a whole WEEK of school already. So hard to believe. My baby is a 3rd grader. I KNOW. I keep saying that. It is just so hard to let go. watching her grow up into this amazing kid is so awesome. We were so blessed to have her in the first place.
We wanna just put a brick on her head and keep her little.

She is having a good time. Making friends. getting used to her classes. She told me she had music last night. All I got out of her is she got to go "AHHHAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH AHHHH AHHHH" so I took it they did scales.
was pretty funny.

she is loving the variety in uniforms they get to wear.
They get to wear SKORTS. she is such a little priss. She cracks me up with the skorts "look mom its a skirt nooooooo its shorts nooooooooo its a skort".. and giggles.

I think she is really going to enjoy this year of 3rd grade. She has made some friends already. She lovvvees her teacher. She is going to pick back up guitar. She is rockin the cheerleading and she said she has already experienced real mystery meat in the school cafeteria, so what else can you ask for?

I think we are definitely getting our moneys worth. she has the social part down anyway.
Now just have to do something about this heat so mama can help her more. anyone got that little request sheet we send to the good lord? I would love to fill one out that asks for cooler weather. Thank you in advance.
Bella is convinced all I need is Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar and that I will be healed.
I may have to try it and see just you know to test out her theory will get back to you on my findings. Hope you have a good weekend.

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Jocelyn said...

She is getting so big Nancy....we have a 3rd grader this year also.....I will put in a request for cooler weather and let me know how Ruby Tuesday's salad bar works for You!!

Have a great one!!!