Monday, August 15, 2011

FIrst day of 3rd grade? whaat?

Seems like she is only supposed to be 4 years old like in the header of this blog. All sassy and prissy and running around pointing her finger singing. sigh. So hard to believe she is going into the 3rd grade. I am going to be looking her straight in the eye by the end of this year. She is getting so tall. (not to mention a big ol foot on this kid) She was laughing putting on her uniform this morning. She said "These are bowling shoes. We look goofy. We all are going to look like we are going bowling. This is crazy. WHO was the bright person that THOUGHT UP wearing THESE?" Then keeps making swishing sounds and strike noises like she is bowling. My child the comedian.


OK so they look like bowling shoes. THEY are still sooo cute. AND she rocks them!

I took our traditional photo (look how much she has grown omgosh!

she was a tad bit nervous but, WHEN I TOLD HER Mrs. Overman was waiting for her. She got quickly over it and got EXCITED!

She was over me taking pictures of her though... (as if you couldn't tell)

We went to orientation (BELLA SAID BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIINNNGGGG) Then on to her class room. She has 12 kids in her class.

She loves her teacher.

They are going to have a great time this year.
She had Cheerleader practice after wards. We didn't stay. They kinda ran the parents out. They had a pizza party at the beginning of it. We didn't want to cramp her coolness!
Tomorrow is her first full day I cannot wait to hear all about it. She has already made some friends.
We signed her up for guitar. This guitar teacher knows her last guitar teacher so I think this is going to be a good thing.


Jingle said...

She looks so cute! I happen to LOVE saddle shoes and I think it is wonderful that they are wearing them! :-)

Renee said...

This is an awesome post, Nancy! Bella is such a cute! Your pics are great!! 'Wishing everyone a great year in school!!