Thursday, May 05, 2011

LOAD emmmm up!

I had a realllly bad day/night yesterday. We had a temp drop and the weather the day/night before messed up my muscles something fierce. SO I didnt get my challenge done. My left leg wouldn't straighten all the way and I was having full body muscle spasms. (you ever had those really bad hiccups that make your body jolt? it feels kinda like that but more startling) You just have to relax yourself through it.
SO needless to say Scrapping wasn't much of an option yesterday. Stayed in bed mostly. I also missed going to Bellas new school. I missed that more than anything. I was really sad.
Is part of it. She is really excited about her school and it does my heart so good. Has been a while since she has been this happy about school. Feeling somewhat better today. Leg still not all the way normal but can sit up HALLELUJAH!
So I caught up on my LOAD pages.
I didnt get to take very good photos of them but will remedy that in the morning I hope.
LOAD DAY 4 and Day 5

This challenge was to use white space... was sooooooo difficult for me. You know how I like stuff on my page. It looks sooooo naked to me!!! aaaaack!

and then here is todays challenge color triangle I didnt have a problem with this at all since that is one of my rules I follow usually on most all of my pages.

I know the photos of the layouts are not great. They were taken in my kitchen after dark. I will remedy that in the morning and make better photos to replace these.

Im so exhausted so I am going to hit the hay.
Hope you all have had a great day.
I am so excited for Bella being accepted to this school SHE IS NOW A WARRIOR WHEWHEWW! SO many opportunities for her now. SHe is going to get to be a little cheerleader and take tumbling and dance go to math camp continue her Guitar lessons and sooooooo much more she is beaming and actually thanked God in her prayers tonight.
I was very surprised.
Makes me a VERY Happy mama!

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Sheri Twing said...

So cute Nancy! I love them both! And kudos to you for getting two done today! Yay! I'm cheering you on girl!