Friday, May 06, 2011

Load Day 6

Load Day 6 Is all about alignment. You know me I'm a "this looks good there" kinda girl. I don't measure I usually just eyeball it. I like the shabby chic look with ragged edges and kinda off the page raised up inky grunge. So trying to do straight lines with shaky MS hands is really a challenge.
Taking the photo was harder than anything.
The more I tried to get it straight the more crooked it became so I finally just said phooey and was done with it for now.
some days are like that.
Some days not so bad.
seems like its when you try harder is when it does it if you don't try so hard it wouldnt be an issue. Kinda Murphys law or somethin.
IM gonna try to rephotograph these last few layouts again tomorrow in the bright sunshine. They look so much better than these photos show.

The photo I used today I have scrapped before. I have alot of duplicate large photos that either I duplicated or they sent me 2 by mistake.
is ok I have grandparent scrapbooks I can put them in and Aunts scrapbooks they can go in Im sure they will not complain one bit.
Load is giving me an opportunity to get these duplicates scrapbooked before my brain turns completely to mush and I can't remember anything about how old she is or the dates. (SINCE SHE went and reorganized my photos I had so well put and the dates with them on sticky notes grrrrr) now they are all over the place in this drawer,

so anyway HERE is my layout for todays challenge
The picture I took of the Page doesnt do it justice I hope to have that remedied soon.

I used Echo Parks Halloween Line (LOVE THOSE COLORS) and Prima flowers
crystal stickers 2 of them since she is 2 in this photo.
The journaling says "You are such a silly girl. You found these vampire teeth and quickly put them in. So her you are in a Sunday dress and vampire teeth running around going RARRRRRGGGH! Yup! That's my little monster alright!"

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