Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thank you Keury

Meet Keury... Keury made this for me. FOR MY birthday yesterday. well THIS little caramel topped cup of yumminess I got today. YET the whole shebang I got yesterday.. its the gift that keeps on giving. Keury is going to be a good friend of mine I have a feeling.

I bet I have another new friend too called "Wii fit.... I wont like him very much because keury and I got so close. It will be a tough relationship to keep up Keury and mine, but someone has to do it... ahhhhhhh.

Keury was given to me by my sweet hubby. HAS to be ONE OF THE BEST BDAYY GIFTS EVERRRRRR! *edited besides the perfume Bella gave me I LOVEEEE that too! I have never smelled this good in my life :yikes: NOW I SMELL SOOOO GOOOOOOD while I drink my (DECAFFENATED yes they have decaffenated so dont start fussin at me, geeesh people can find anything to try to spoil a girls fun, I will iggy your emails!:P~~ FANCY COFFEE :) LET A GIRL LIVE A LITTLE GEEESH! This thing is ITS SO COOOL you put one of the little thingys in and whammmmo keury gives you a cup of coffee that fast. You dont have to wait!
Yall know me right? dontcha?
Ya I thought so. The excitement was overwhelming. Its the little things I tell ya! Find one of these (ON SALE) you wont be sorry! IT was so cool. So now.. we can have smoothies that I can make like LIGHTNING with my cool thingy my bro got me Christmas (and Margarittas but I cant drink them THAT often but hey a girl gotta live ya know right!)

Technology is just so awesome!
I love being married to one of those fabulous men that has a mind for it so I can just clapp and be excited when they find this stuff haha!

Today is a day of putting up allll the Christmas decorations ::booo::hissss:: We say every year "Whyyyyyyyy oh WHY did we drag all this out?" and we look down at
This lil face staring at us going ::blink blink::

Bella did all our decorating this year (thanks to my shoulder)
BUT she will remember it forever! We decorate To make us feel better to give us that happiness warm fuzzy feeling for 2 weeks a year ok, if your in retail they start in July but normal people... usually after Thanksgiving. We were a little late with it this year. (I held out hope my shoulder would get better and no surgery ugh!)

SO back up in the attic as I hear John.. grimacing saying "WHYYY did I play bowling with you on the kinect before doing this" and Bella telling him "Knock it off daddy you will be fine your just OLD" him threatning to lock her in the attic and her going "OH COOOOOL whats up there?" GIggling the entire time... Knowing it must be January Second at the Jones house... I sit here sipping coffee with my new friend. KNOWING alot more things this year.....

~Bella is getting bigger and older TOOOOO FAST!
~The attic is right over my head, and it sounds like they are about to fall in... but they all I hear is Bella giggling.
~Gonna have to work off that cream and caramel on that coffee.
~We made a great big mess taking down this Christmas stuff.
~I really love those two trying to get that Christmas tree up that ladder.
Oh wait.. it just went back down the ladder. Wonder if I.. haha, nahh IM sure its fine.ha this is good coffee, sigh, anyway,
~Oh they are gong back up the ladder. THere they are right there he goes They are ok. "Hi honey" Look Johns waving to us. oh ohhh honey? you want some coffeee??? no? YOU SURE? Because Kuery can make it reallly fast. ITS NO TROUBLE
"Oh You saw already. THATS RIGHT. ya you did give it to me I know. I was just thinkin you look real tired goin up and down and up and down that ladder. That you might. Ya. You. YA I SEE you got that GREAT BIG BOX in your hands. IT LOOKS HEAVY. ya. so ughm. QUESTION? WHATS IN THAT BOX? I don't see a label?
You? SURE YOU DONT WANT SOME COFEEE? really its no trouble?" He went back up the attic I think he shut the door up there he is organizing probably Think he will have some later.
anyway They are so cute!!! (
( HAhaha.just kidding you KNOW that didnt happen, he would have ignored me and kept going Then come back and said HUH???)
~ I have to play with hubby he has been doing the wave of your hand makes the crowd go wild in kinect sports. (now he knows How the players feel but not really lol)
~Bella goes back to school tomorrow, house is gonna be quiet (YIPPEE)
gonna be kinda freaky at first, I think I will adjust quickly but wait...
~ is short lived, Oh ya Im gonna want it quiet but I will be glad to get it over with.
~By the time this heal and get to where I can do the stuff I need to do and really want to do with her again guess what?
as Bella says

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It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

oooh I love your new BFF....but, just remember me when your both rich and famous!
Bella is getting sooo big, Hi Miss Bella!!
miss ya tons,