Saturday, January 01, 2011

First things First

First things first of the first on the first of the first day of ya well you get it.. its 1/1/11 so I HAD to make a post.
I wanted to try my best to be a better blogger. FOR BELLA, FOR JOHN, FOR ME for my family back home but also well anyone that wants to read it I guess.
Havnt gotten to scrap much BUT SOON. I have so many Ideas just going crazy in my head and Yes I have been making note of them. I have gotten to take a few photos. My camera my trusty lil panasonic I have had foreverrr is light weight I can still use it. I got a new one for Christmas my love upgraded me. but, It hurts. Its heavy and with this shoulder thing. Who am I Im not complaining its a fancy schmancy camera I like it its pretttty (sitting over there) I am watching videos on how to use it and all kinda stuff and reading etc. I have tried a couple times but the pain ya.
oh well.
it will be ok soooon!

This is the part where: I BORE YOU WITH FAMILY PHOTOS!!!
WE (meaning John drove he gave me something and put me in the car)
took Bella to have Breakfast with Santa at Point Clear. Remember that awesome place he took me for our Anniversary? ya we went back there and took the child!

For those that follow me on facebook. you have seen this photo I made it my avatar.
we had a great time I know Bella did.

Im trying to make this kinda short to catch up some.

Ya know the funny thing is You will do things even when you feel horrible no matter what.... when its for someone you love. I look back at the holidays and think HOW ON EARTH DID I DO THIS? I know exactly HOW I DID. ITs all for this little girl to have some wonderful memories.
THAT she will.
We took her FINALLY after being in MOBILE for now almost 7 years to Bellingrath Gardens! To see the lights!
It was unreal!

We most importantly of all got to go Home the day after Christmas to see family we have not seen in some time. We wished so much to have been able to see every one but it was a go that morning come home same day trip. I was beyond exhausted slept alot the next several days but it was worth it.

and just because I want to put her on my blog ...... and I love this photo...

Gramma Sandi:

(and Im not in driving range for her to come beat my tail hehehe)

We THEN left ( YA IT WAASNT OVER) went to NaNa an PaPa's House (Johns mom and dad)

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HOw cuteee is lala?!?!?

Bella got this for lala she had soooooooo much fun with it. she as all over the house
with it. was soooo sooo cute.

was a wonderful time with Family and friends wished we could have stayed longer and seen everyone.

As I sit here now under the covers eating donuts watching the parade, typing this post. I think back to when I was a little girl on many a New years day, sitting in the living room on my knees in my jammies, hair all a mess not much different than my like my little girl is now, all excited YELLING "LOOK LOOK" as my dad was trying to read the paper and my mom was doing other stuff (probably cooking New years lunch Peas cabbage corn Bread). My dad would go "mmhmm hmmhmm ya ya" IM laughing as Bella is shouting " IS THAT THE GUY FROM DR PHIL???" (that was not dr Phil by the way it was some broadcaster) I think about how my daddy used to tell me when I was little not only because today was and well IT STILL ISSSsssss my birthday. (I kinda always thought maybe it was his way of getting out of a big expensive party) He would tell me "ALLLL THOSE FIREWORKS ALL THOSE PARADES... thats for you baby!" I rememeber my eyes lighting up (a wonder I am such a grounded and humble quiet dossile person now huh? amazing)blame my father THe entire world celebrated my day.. every time zone.. well least in me and my daddy's world. No one can tell us any different either... so as I snuggle here with her eating this donut and she is lickinggg the plate!!??::eyeroll::... (remind me to work on manners in 2011 with child) ya today, I still cry and ya, I miss him so very much. more than ever, I always will. But No one, NOT ANYONE!!
can take Those memories away from me. Those little moments like that. Those are the little things I am trying to make with my little girl. no matter how much pain I am in if I have to take another tylenol to get to Mcdonalds (lord help us please THAT IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT do not slam my blog) Then I will.

SO ya my scrapbook pages in 2011 may be a little less perfect than they used to be. BUT THEY WILL be with more intent and purpose than ever before of getting these memories for Bella in these 4 297 865 million scrapbooks she has.
HAPPY NEW YEAR I wish you all the love light and happiness ever! (and lots of parades and fireworks ;)


lisa said...

Totally cracked up at your "don't slam" comment. Hilarious! Hope 2011 is all good for you. Love the family photos... so NOT boring. Thank you for taking us on your trip.

NancyJones said...

Thank you lisa weather is bad or would have put a few more. you know the new blog things now I don't want to False advertise for anyone haha.

mjr1066 said...

Nancy, your scrapbooks only have to be 'perfect' for you so do what makes YOU happy. You are doing the most important thing in spending time and building memories with your family. When you're having fun and with the ones you love the pain seems to magically disappear at least for the moment....dwell on the good. Happy New Year and Happy Belated Birthday my friend!


NancyJones said...

Thank You my sweet Merry! I hope you had a wonderful pain free christmas with your sweetie. Your so right we try to put too much focus on perfection when we need to embrace the little things and just have fun. hmmm I think I am getting somewhere on finding my word for the year...