Wednesday, August 04, 2010

sooo ya I know its like a new month and stuff...

I have been busyy busy with all kinda stuff and (I havent posted here) ONE blogger hates me. Two Bella is out of school and Three DENTAL SURGERY. This dental thing was supposed to be alot smoother and not near as bad as I thought, BUT my cheeze grin is lookin good I have to say. I just contracted a horrible case of shingles afterward. (they warned me this could happen) Ya its an M.S. thing. I am about over it now. I had alot more stuff go on than expected with the bone grafts ::shudder:: but its done now and my smile is great. The infection is out and I SHOULD be alot healthier for it.

Bella has had a kinda boring summer poor kid. I have had so much dental surgery she has not been able to go do so much. She has been nurse maid and a very good one at that. In between all this though we have done a goo deal of scrapping. We have been having fun with Unkit Live or as she calls it MISS SUDIE TV SHOW!
We have crafted and played. She is getting so big (tall) I want to put a brick on her head. She will start back to school soon and I think she is happy to she misses her friends.

Here are a couple pages I have done recent:
I LOVE LOVE Echo park. This is the "A Walk In The Park" Line of theirs. They are a new company. I love the colors they use so happy and bright!

and this is the Max and Whiskas by Basic Grey how cute is it? These are two of our kitties. (they are at the vet right now getting ughmm.. altered)

I have some more I am finishing up with this months UNKIT

also CUPCARDS TO GO is featured for the next one IT IS SOOO CUTE. (I AM STALKING WAITING ON IT TO GET HERE) BEACH THEME with the cutest embellies everrrr! You better hurry if you want one!!
Gonna make a mini album out of mine with those adorable photos of Bella bug at the beach. (you all know you have beach photos so this would be perfect for them) Or perfect for some adorable cards we all need to make!!

I am working on my kit (The last one sniff sniff) for Scrapbook Obsessions. yes we are all very sad. They are closing their doors after all this time.
SOOO if you want any of those kits you better get on over there and snatch em up.
I will have samples up in the next day.

I hope You all have a great day... take a few minutes to enjoy the little things. :)

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Little Ol' Liz said...

It's been a bummer of a summer here, too. On the up side, perhaps the coming school year will be stellar?!

Hang in there :)