Sunday, October 05, 2008


I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have some more shingles that have popped up on my ear and neck so I spent alot of time resting and laying around this weekend. I did finally though get the page I had been working on this week with the lovely WEBSTERS PAGES I won from The Design Experiment. Had a great time playing with this paper I love it! Still have some and some photos Im planning on using with it too! You should go check it out. They have a new line that just came out as well that is sooo awesome.

Bella had a "hot date" this weekend. IT was so funny. John came back and told me Friday night that Brayden (his mom Tara works with the company John works with and we have gotten to be good friends with their family, they also live in our subdivision and have helped us out tremendously with Bella since I have been sick. Never can thank them and others that help us out enough! It is hard being this far away from family when things like this happen)
So anyway, Brayden calls JOHN and asks permission to take Bella to McDonalds. NOT just ANY McDonalds. THE GOOD MCDONALDS.
The one that has the video games and stuff! He was so excited John said.He came back here just shaking his head and laughing. HE said oh man she is only 5 I dunno If I can handle this hahahaaa. She was beaming from ear to ear. SHe told me she was gonna fix up CAAAUUUUTE before he (and his mom) picked her up.
SHe woke up at 7 am ready to go hahaha! Dunno what To do with them too but they sure are cute!!! Tara was so sweet she took some pics for me of them playing. I hate Im not able to go and do that much with Bella but Im so fortunate my Hubby and friends do take alot of pics for me so I don't feel like I miss as much. Thank you Tara for taking these pics for me!

The grand opening of AMR's (All Moments Remembered) Brick and Morter store was this weekend. In celebration, they had alot of stuff going on at the site and had a posting contest. Well since I had shingles and couldnt really do alot of anything. I figured hey.. why not. I knew a couple of the girls on there from other places and OMG it was so much fun. I have laughed till I thought I was gonna cry. IT really took my mind off of how bad my neck and ear hurt and also KEPT ME FROM SCRATCHING. (my fingers were too busy)
I was alot better by yesterday just so tired... so I finished my layout I had been working on for several days and after a long power nap (yeah the one I spoke up earlier where I thought it was the next day when I woke up) I jumped on and we all helped each other get some posts. It was great fun. I want to thank those ladies that was a lot of fun and Kept me from clawing my face off lol

In other news... Bella went to church with "Aunt Diane and Uncle David" so we kinda had the day to ourself. Was weird.. lol I actually laid down around lunch woke up and thought it was the next morning. I was so confused. I hate it when that happens.
But, the night before John came back at about 9 pm and told me OH YEAH, Bella told Diane that you had made a frame for the sunday school music teachers baby shower.. "HUH? what teacher? What Baby SHower? what baby??? EEK!!" "So ugh, is she having a boy baby or girl baby? Boy baby.." (soooo figures) If it was a girl? no problem! I could whip something right up but boy? no, got to plan for that I dont have alot of baby boy things. WHat had happened is Bella saw me make the Frame for Jessiah my friend Fran's new grandson with the Reminisce Jungle papers. SHE JUST WAS ADAMANT this frame was for THAT boy baby. I told her we didnt know if that baby had a J name or what that baby's name was gonna be, but that I PROMISE as soon as I find out We will make him a frame together. Well that kinda fixed it a little but boy she was upset with me. Im talkin crocodile tears! So THis week I HAVE GOT to get some baby boy paper and make that baby a frame before Sunday! It was just a prerequisit of what is to come I am sure. Im waiting for the "OH YEAH! I SIGNED YOU UP TO MAKE 400 cookies for the bake sale tomorrow. They have to be done by 7 am and its 9 pm now." Yeah I figure it will happen.
So what about you guys? you ever have your kids do this to you? or Hubby volunteer you for stuff? Share with me your stories.
Hope you have a good monday. TODAY REMINISCE DESIGNS announced some of the winners of their contest. I got an honorable mention. HEY THAT IS BETTER THAN NOTHING HUH! Im excited! Especially with all the pages that I saw I wasn't expecting a thing. All the work I had submitted I had made for other stuff so It wasn't extra work, nothing ventured nothing gained! I was really surprised to see my name up there. I can't wait to see who won! (got my fingers crossed for several folks out there!) They are going to be announcing 3rd, 2nd, then 1st place all week. I know the girls who haven't been named already are probably nervous.
OK! I got to get to work. I have stuff due YIKES!
Have a great day!


muirwoodsue said...

Hi Nancy,
Loved your layout - it's so beautiful!
Congratulations on your honorable mention in the Reminisce Designs contest! I'm glad you laughed and smiled at all the response and love the name you chose! I can hardly wait until you decorate it and post a photo!

jfrank said...

Thought I would finally post you a comment ;) should be proud! Your pages are stunning!!!
Thanks for your support!! I just love your humor!!

Lily said...

love that first layout. congrats on the reminisce nod

merryheart2 said...

i hope you're feeling better soon.

love the photo of your daughter and her friend. great shot.

the layout you made with the Websters Pages is fantastic.

Jessi Gribbin said...

Howdy Nancy!
Your little girl is just too cute. I love that picture of the 2 of them with their heads together. And I LOVE that LO you posted. It is so beautiful. Congrats on your honorable mention. That is very cool.
Hope you get to feelin' better soon!Hugs,

Karen said...

I LOVE the layout. Absolutely gorgeous!


Debbie said...

Nancy...this is so awesome!! love your work!!!

Jocelyn said...

So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! I was in the hospital most of the weekend, long story or short one on my Blog! Love the pics of Bella a her friend! How great is that. Congrats on the honorable mention and I love the LO you completed. Have a great Tuesday!

mommy2alex said...

What a cute frame!
You are in for some trouble, she is so beautiful, I'm sure this is the first of many callers for dates to McDonald's!!!

Angela said...

Those Webster page layouts are drop dead gorgeous Nancy them!

iluv2scrapbook! said...

Oh my gosh Nancy, this LO is beatiful! LOVE it!