Saturday, October 04, 2008

are you ready ?

I just want yall to know I have not laughed this hard in I can't remember. We LOVED looking at your responses. I also felt the hugs and the love from the stories of personal experiences shared. So many people suffer from this illness in so many ways. I just pray some day they will find the cause and stop it from happening. I think that is my biggest wish is that Bella never have to deal with this herself or her kids or their decedents.

IT was a hard choice but omgosh some of the answers were just too funny.
My buddy liz made me spit my drink with HELEN WHEELZ, that is too perfect for me huh? We will call its given name rolio helenwheelz Jones. bwahahaha
I think I am going to (for now) going to have to use the idea of some sort of fabric or cushions to cover it with. Due to insurance hubby told me I cant do anything much to it for a short term then I can paint it whatever color I want hehehehe. THEN MY CREATIVE LICENSE I GUESS will be approved and I CAN GO WILD. Soooo I will be showing yall as we get this bad boy tricked out in all her glory.
SO I will be given them a little happy :)

BUT FOR THE BOX OF GOODIES I HAVE OVER HERE.... we put EVEEEEEEEEEERYONE that gave a suggestions name into this bowl.

Bella stirred them up realllly good she said.

She dug her fingers in and swished around......






(that's a drumroll if you didn't notice)
do you like the drum roll? OH did I EVER TELL YOU ABOUT THE TIME MY BROTHER got Bella drums for Christmas?
sorry I will get on with it geeez yall are anxious this morning!!

SCRAPHAPPY NANCYW! YAYYYY! Congrats to you! Email me your address at so we can get these goodies out to you.

What else is happening today? It world card making day! Everywhere on the net they have card challenges and gallery shows for beautiful cards today.
I hope you and yours get to spend some creative time today making cards for someone.
Bella loves to make cards.. she just recently gave me the "Im sorry for somethin'" card after she wrote with a sharpie on a photo and thought she was dead meat. I know she thinks the reason she is still on earth is that she gave me that card. SEEE they come in sooo handy (hahaha)
so take some time today and make a few cards to have on hand. Ya never know when you might need to send one as a pick me up for someone! (or a peace offering haha)

Bella has a hot date today. HER BOY (Brayden) called John yesterday and asked permission to take her out to McDonalds to the play land. THE GOOD McDonalds playland that had the video games and the and the and the great big swiiiide! John was laughin because it was so cute how he was so excited explaining what all they were gonna do followed with a PWEEEASE can she come wiff us?
How can you say no to that? So Bella has a hot date today with Brayden. Tara just picked her up. I swear Im gonna have to watch that girl. KINDERGARTEN and already got the boys chasing her.

OK well Im off to finish this layout maybe (my hands are not aching today as bad thank you lord) and clean this house before they come put the yellow tape on the door and make us evacuate. Also making some cards today later.ALSO, The ladies over at ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED have their October kit up this month. Check it out. She is doing her grand opening of her brick and morter store and is doing some fun stuff.
Have a good one and congrats to Nancy W. again! AND THANK YOU ALLLLL SOOOOOOO MUCH


Davinie said...

Your upbeat attitude is contagious, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

I am making my cards even as we speak and want you to commission Pinky to sew you some pillow cases for the back with bling and hoodie's, lol! You never know when it might rain on a sistah!

Jessi Gribbin said...

Howdy Miss Nancy!!
I've been under the radar this week but I am ready and rarin' to go make some cards this weekend! I love that Bella has date iwht her BOY at McyD's. That made me smile. Have a great weekend...oh, and I left you some special love on my blog! :)

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

I think you meant scrapbookfrenzy! :) I got so excited and then I read the rest of the winners name! Congrats!

Lisa Guidry said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

The photos of your daughter choosing the winner are adorable. No wonder she is already being chased by a boy! :o)

Congrats to the winner!

Ria, Craftyria, Tiggeria said...

Congratulations SCRAPHAPPY NANCYW!

Also the name Helen Wheelz is a good choice! Love it!

Patti Smith said...

I have had the biggest time reading all of this Nancy....I love all the names but I must say the Helen Wheelz is so are one in a million and you are my HERO Nancy Jones....
(((HUGS)))) that bella gets cuter everyday....

PattiM said...

Congratulations, Scraphappy/NancyW.


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

Born2scrap said...

congrats to the winner and...

welcome to AMR Nancy! It's been fun having you around!

Marilyn said...

Nancy, I read your post on AMR, and didn't even realize you had a blog! I am subscribing to your blog, just fyi! Love it!