Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival at Jackson Creek Christian Academy. OMGOSH it was soooooo much fun! It was bigger I think than last year. I know their were more people there. I could NOT keep up with Bella. AT ALL. John tried. Mama tried. Thank GOD it is a small place. We know most everyone. David and Diane our neighbors came so they helped us out too keep locating her. I have come to a lot of Realizations too. Things I have never noticed. Or maybe I am just getting old. (SHUT UP WINDALE. I know he is going I BEEN TELLING YOU THAT!!! yeah yeah yeah.) but man everything is SO LOUD. (maybe its this medication.) but OMGOSH. Loud is like louder than it used to be! and makes me cranky. haha.
and ANOTHER THING, when your in a wheelchair you are at BUTT LEVEL. THIS IS NOT pleasant. now if we were say in east Texas lookin at alot of hot guys in wranglers... nother story. anyway what was I talking about?
OH yeah. SO anyway. People don't pay attention. They walk right in front of you. trippin over you, back into you, its not like i can just step out of the way! MAN people are rude!
I would be trying to take photos of Bella playing a game, walk RIGHT IN front of me so I have sooooooo many pictures that look like this:

That was my chief complaint. Drove me nuts. I was trying to watch the karate demonstration. I was on the side of the little booth where the country store was (in the shade so I wouldn't die from heat stroke.. every time I would move, this chick would move right in front of me. I would have to unlock the wheels move the chair up then back and forth and over, then.. she moves again back over. so I unlock my wheels move back.. SHE MOVES AGAIN. I finally say screw it. so frustrating. Ya know.. I used to be the SAME WAY I never thought about it till now though and I know they don't either. its actually pretty funny. No one notices these things until it is them. You also don't realize how unwheelchair friendly places are either. but, That is a whole nuther post.
so here are my NOT SO GREAT because they are all from wheelchair angle photos..
JOhn did take some of them so he did get some better ones. I will try to explain them as we go.
Bella and her boy Brayden doing the cake walk.

Mama, Tara, Brayden and Bella doing cake walk (note NONE OF US won cakes rofl. We could have bought a cake for as many times as they did cake walk and none of us won a cake it was kinda funny)

Mama and Bella cake walkin'

some of the jellys and things in the country store.


THis was the dude catchin the bids at the auction OMGOSH it was sooooo funny. He was keepin um goin buddy. We had people bidding that didnt know they were bidding. These people that were talking they talk with their hands. THey dont know it but they bid twice on a basket and helped up it a substantial amount hahahaha!

He was really good with that auction. IT was soooo much fun! The ALABAMA (Bama roll tide) Basket SOLD FOR 295.00 The Auburn Basket sold for right at 100.00 They also auctioned off some day passes to disney for 400.00!

Barbie the pony was there again. Again Bella wouldnt ride her. She was all pumped and wanted to ride and then when she got back there chickened out. I dunno what it is about this pony that she wont ride her. She rode the other horse before. I just do not understand it.

Bella and Grandmama rode the hay ride

she spun the pickle wheel.

popped a balloon.

And went fishing.

David and Diane (our neighbors) Met us there for lunch. In time for the auction.

We were all plum tuckered by the time we left.

I believe the school raised a nice sum of money, everyone had fun and fall has DEFINITELY been celebrated. Bella had a great time, SHe came home with a TON OF STUFF! (so did mama haha) John decided he would just make us a cake he gave up on tryin to win one in the cake walk hahahaha!
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Wendy said...

well of course the Bama basket sold for way more than the ugly orange and blue one....teehee....Roll Tide John!!!!!

jan williams said...

Awesome pictures girl!!! looks like yall had a blast!!!

Patti Smith said...

I'm glad you got to go Nancy..looks like you all had a wonderful time...

michelle said...

I never thought about your view from a wheel chair... Now I know why Haley always complained when she was sitting in the stroller.. all she saw was behinds!

Fall Festival looked like a blast though. Glad you got to enjoy the day as much as you did.

Cheryl Wray said...

This looks like so much fun!!!

The butt-level comments from a wheelchair cracked me up. You're right...a wrangler view in East Texas would be much better (I should know...I was born in east Tex. lol)

Love all the pictures!!!

Aubree said...

sounds like a great time!!!

Tara said...

What beautiful weather you ahd for the fall festival. Loads of fun stuff!