Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My buddy Colette is a part of a wonderful blog called Penpals. It is to help you strengthen your journaling skills and to get those fabulous journaled pages in your scrapbooks. They issue these challenges and you pick a topic and jump on it. This first challenge was to journal an age that was special. Wow I had so many ages that were special to me that it was hard to choose one but by far... This one stood out ;)
Thank you Colette for showing me this blog and makin me jumpstart and get back on track with my scrappin' and Journaling!!

Journaling is as follows:

For over Five years John and I had stars in our eyes, We played with other peoples kids. We had baby sat other peoples kids. BUT, We wanted our own babies. We just weren't real sure if we could have a baby of our own. The dr had told me it wasn't a "GOOD IDEA" with all my medical issues and kidney issues but it might could be done. Well that is all I needed to know. MIGHT was still something huh?
What would we have to do. I don't care. I want a child. I would have to go off medication for no less than 6 months. ok. well we did. and, right at the mark. When we really started trying, BAM, it took. I have never been so happy, yet so scared, in my life. I have had miscarriages before and I didn't want that heart break ever again. I want a baby. just one. that's all. The dr confirmed we definitely were pregnant. Finally my dreams of being a mommy were going to come true. Through many trips to the hospital and stays at the hospital through false labor, pre term labor and blood pressure issues... Resembling more of a whale than anything, The dr finally decided on April 21 to induce labor. It would be better than letting me go into labor on my own. Lupus is a tricky disease and can cause a lot of problems on labor and delivery. During labor my blood pressure got dangerously high, your heart rate, got dangerously low. I have never been so scared I didn't want to lose you. They wouldn't let anyone in the room trying to keep me calm as possible, but it was so scary. Finally the dr said he had to take you. so Caesarian they took you out.
IT was a long time, which felt like forever before I got to hold you. When I did I didn't want to let you go. So yeah you may be a little bit, OK you are totally spoiled rotten, but its ok..YOUR MY spoiled rotten. You are my one child that GOD gave me. My dream that I wanted to come true. Even if it was a lot later than I expected it.. But ya know. I think it was better that I had you later. God knows what he is doing after all. Some dreams you have to wait on for good reason. I'm glad I did. You were worth waiting till 33.

I had a dr. appt yesterday. We are tapering off my Carbatrol (thank you lord) to see if that is why I am such a zombie and all I wanna do is sleep.. or if it is actually the shots. I think the carbatrol has alot to do with it. also the weight gain. We wil see. IT also makes me so dizzy and nauseaus. SO I AM HAPPY TO BE RID OF IT. Will take me a week or so to get off it but I will be celebrating when it is gone.
I have to go for another MRI and more blood work. They will call about that. That was about it.

Bella is doing good in school SHe is so happy this week. SHE IS THE LINE LEADER. That is a big deal when your in kindergarten!! haha. She looks so cute in her uniforms although they are a little big for her now but hey... Last year at the end of the year they looked more like shirts instead of jumpers by the end of the year.
We get a nightly review of what goes on in class when she is in the bathtub. We have been serenaded by extra loud versions of PRAAAAIIISEE YEEE DA LORD HAALLLEELUUYYAAHH! and learned the pledge to da cwistian fwag. (had to help her on that one.. she made me nervous) SHe has been holdin class in the Bathtub. It is sooo funny. I have to call my pals and let them hear because it is hysterical. I need to record this in some way but dont want to film her in the tub. But it is sooo dadgum funny. I want to remember this forever. All these little songs she sings. Oh it is so cute and just makes my heart so happy. All the sacrifices made to be sure she goes to this school. It is soooo worth it. I want her grandparents to hear her she is so cute. I call them on the phone to let them hear her serenading. She cant know we are listening though or she stops... so I have to be sneaky.

I have been watching the olympics OMG MICHEAL PHELPS can you beleive that guy!! HE IS A POWERHOUSE in the water!!! I get so excited I have to be careful when Bella and John were in Bed last night I was yellin go go go go! THen THe ladies gymnastics. Man I felt so bad for them. THey had an off night. China just was amazing. Those little girls (that look 12 by the way) were amaaaazing. OUr girls did great but just had an off night I felt so sorry for them. I know many tears were shed. BUT HEY SILVER IS STILL GREAT!!
Ok that is all we are doing so I will let ya go for now. I had alot to cover lol

BY THE WAY THE LAST DAY TO ENTER THE PENPALS JOURNALING CHALLENGE IS TOMORROW SO GET YOUR PAGES TO THEM QUICK QUICK!!!! you will be happy you did. BE sure and stop by and read all the girls journaling. IT IS AMAZINGGGGGG. I have learned so much about my friends. VERY TOUCHING HEARTFELT JOURNALING!! I CANT wait to see yours too!!!
Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Pinky said...

Damn girl you have had alot going on!!!!!! Glad your blogging!
Love the journaling TFS!

PaperCutting Kind of Day said...

Great layout and good deal on the push to get some pages done!!!

Athene said...

Wow Nancy, as usual, you make me laugh and cry at the same time. I don't think I can make the deadline but I will definitely check out the site and work on the next one! Call me some evening so I can hear Bella-I would love it! I will email my new cell! Hugs to you and hope the medication change helps-nothing worse than being nauseated all the time!!!

Lily said...

going to have to check out that site. You do defintiely have alot going on. thanks for sharing

Lynnise said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, absolutely wonderful journaling, and your layout is amazing as always!!! Bella is going to look back teary eyed on this one some day- I just know it!!

Melissa said...

Love the layout and love love the journaling! Bella is a special little girl and you and your DH are lucky parents!
Hope you are hangin' in there!

Colette Bate said...

I'm just so freakin' proud that you played along in our first journaling challenge! Not only does your journaling touch my heart but your page is so inspirational! Love all the pic's you managed to get on that page ... and the hidden journaling in the mini book is my favorite way of getting journaling onto a page.

Thanks, honey, for playing ... and promotin' our new challenge blog! Your support means more than you'll ever know!

BTW ... how cute Bella must be playing school in the tub ... and singin' her fwag songs!! bbwwahahahaha LINE LEADER ALREADY? This girl is DEFINATELY going places!!


Charleen said...

that is GREAT journaling!

Greta Adams said...

woo hoo glad you are back...
i need to check that blog out

Crafty Connie said...

Love your layout! Your journaling is so heartfelt and loving. Glad to see that you are feeling a bit better and scrapping. Very cute that Bella recounts her day while she's in the tub.

Babydoll said...

I love the page and the journaling is priceless. I'm still praying for a break through! Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Aubree said...

What a beautiful layout -- kids really are worth the wait, aren't they?!? wonderful that you were blessed with such a gorgeous little girl.

Ki said...

What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing it!
I hope the change in your medication makes you feel much better! I will be thinking positive thoughts for you always!

Julie said...

Oh Nancy you have to record her singing in the tub!!! Just save it for yourself..and for her when she grows up. You will be so glad you did.