Sunday, June 01, 2008

scrappin Sunday

I have caught up on some much needed rest. I have been scrappin like there is no tomorrow. HEY as long as Mo and JO are in the house I am gonna work them till they bleeeed! ;)
Hubby got him a new video game and I can only tear him away long enough to eat occasionally. (thats what happens when you marry a techieI GOT SCRAPPY MAIL YESTERDAY from TREASURES TO SCRAP!!!! I got the awesome new BLUE AWNING LINE by K and co. Some more Animal Crackers that was Back ordered, Some Heidi Swapp world Traveler (that IS SOOO YUMMY) some more stickles (I will soon have every color of the rainbow IM hoping) and all kinda other goodies. So Im gonna play play play today!

I did do 2 more pages yesterday I scanned them but they dont look to hot scanned so I need to take a photo. I also altered a binder I got at Hobby Lobby to use as Bella Bugs 4K folder. I am putting all her little things she brought home from school in it. NOW I need to go back and do 3k!! I have those in a big sterlite box ... somewhere.

Today is the beinning of Hurricane season. I am already getting Email notifications on some Tropical Storm out west. I hope this is not a pre requisite for how it will be this year. I really really hate the whole evacuation and worry process.)
BUT I think getting blown away by a cycoon would not be so hot either so... I hope everyone takes the warnings serious when they come so we don't have another Katrina on our hands. THAT was a NIGHTMARE to say the least.

I am working on Circle Journals today. I have 3 in my possession and I know the ladies are ready to come to my house at gunpoint and get them from me. With all that has been going on Health wise and Bella being out of school and blah blah blah.. it just hasnt gotten done as fast as the others.
I have one finished... 2 more to go. I know the girl after me is gonna scream when she gets them all in the mail this week so.. I will try to space them a little apart for her. They aren't my best work... but they are really cute. I can see the creativity these ladies have and it really is great fun getting to know everyone.

Today the new Scrapbook Obsessions kit will come out. IM SOOOOOO excited because I love 4th july papers. I don't have that much that I can use on my daddy's album and these always work so well when I get them. John is probably gonna be ready to whoop me by the time I get done with add ons and such. BUT I KNOW she has some awesome lines to choose from and it is hard choosing just one!!

I also wanted to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY BUD Colette! SHe WON the pagemaps contest. Im so proud for her! SHe truly is an amazing woman and a fantastic artist. You can see her work HERE and tell her congrats. If you read her blog for just a short bit you will just fall in love with her like we all have.

Well I guess that is all my ramblings for today. Im starting to miss my Bella Bug something fierce. I am not sure if she is coming home tomorrow or Tuesday but I am pretty sure it will be one of them. I miss my snuggles and the noise around the house. I know she is really gonna be bored when she comes back here after all the fun and constant play buddies at her Aunt Liz's. I know 2 little kids that will be happy she is home though. Eva Caroline came over knocking yesterday wanting to play. What a sad face she had when she found out she wasnt home. I know her "Boy" Braydan would love some time to play too.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


DebW said...

Good stuff Nancy!So glad Mo & Jo stopped by for a scrappy weekend!!
Y'all are on a roll!

Colette Bate said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for the shout out and for your kind words!

Although you probably miss little Bella Bug, it's got to be fun having the freedom to scrap when you want, sleep a little extra, and just plain be an adult while she's away ... even if it's for just a little while. Your pages are awesome so the MOjo must have moved in when she went to visit Auntie Jane! I'm loving the way you've placed brads on each point of the cardstock mat! You're so dang creative, girl! It Rocks!!

Colette Bate said...

aarrrrgh ... did I say Auntie Jane? I meant to say Auntie Liz ... it's true .. I really can read ... it's just my retention that is bad! hahahaha

jan williams said...

Wonderful Wonderful!!!! Girl you are one scrappin' Mama!!!!