Saturday, May 31, 2008

listen... listen close

Shhhhh... listen.... Can you hear it? Listen close.. concentrate. be still and listen.
What? You don't hear anything?
I KNOW that is because it is SOOO EEERILY QUIET around here!!!!
Bella is gone to her Aunt liz's for the weekend.
She wasn't too sure about it at first she said she would miss us just too much.
I told her she would have sooo much fun when she got there though.
BOY HAS SHE. She has been a Wii playin' machine. Liz called this morning to tell
us that she bowled a 189 rofl!
She is kickin hiney on the Wii.
She has a "new best friend" kaitlyn. That is a little girl that little sister to Greysons friend. So she has been playing up a storm.
I asked her if she missed us any? Even a little? maybe a tiny droplet?
she said maybe just a little bit. I asked if she was ready to come home yet and she said
"NO! IM NOT DONE YET!" She suggested we come up there and play too hahahaha.
I told her that was ok I think we would somehow survive without her here.
It would be so hard for us you know with all this quiet and soaking up this rest, but we would somehow try to manage,

I did alot of scrappin' yesterday, got two pages done and another one laid out just have to adhere it all down.
here is a sneaky peek at them.

I did the "Cool Treats" for Treasures to Scrap. Is this Basic Grey (cupcake line) popsicle and ice cream/cupcake paper not the CUTEST EVERRRR!!! This photo was from Bella bugs Birthday party. She loves those icee's, Can't say I blame her. They are sooo good esp when it is really hot!
The second one is for her book of her Trick or Treating this past year. SHe was a way too cute princess! Sent that one in for Hobby Lobby with their papers and embellies.

I have another page almost finished.
I am getting lots of rest and relaxing.
I want to get some cleaning done but It hasn't happened yet.. I can clean when she is home but it is a lot harder to scrap hahahaha.
OK Im off to scrap for now hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


DebW said...

As always, beautiful stuff Nancy!!

PetiteCheri said...

Have a great time scrapping while your girl is gone. Love the pages you've made. Looks like you had a lot of fun on Memorial Day weekend!

Lisa said...

Great layouts! I hope you have a great quite weekend!

Sharmaine said...

Enjoy the quiet :) I always wish I could bottle it and savour it whenever I wanted lol
Gorgeous creations!!!

Lynn said...

aaaaaaaawwww quiet. can't ever be too over rated and love you lo's. beautiful as ever:)