Sunday, April 27, 2008


Bella had her birthday party yesterday at the Park. It was a beautiful day sunshiney and blue skies. A GREAT TIME I DO BELIEVE was had by all. She had 8 of her friends from school come celebrate with her. (including her best friend from across the street) She got alot of fun and nice things. NOW we are working on Thank you cards. she did get some of them made ahead of time but we have a few more to do.
As you can see.. She LOVESSS Hannah Montana. (that guitars days are numbered) We thought the headset was just that a headset that she could listen to it and no one else... ughmm NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ITS A MICROPHONE! Dear Lord help us!
John Has already threatened that it would be an outside toy.. then that it was gonna be Guido's toy. Than that he was gonna pound it upside a tree if she didnt turn the voluem down. It was a fun evening around here.
After her party her best friend Eva Caroline from across the street (she is in the above photos as well) came over and played. They had the BEST TIME breaking in all her new presents.

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday too.


Lynn said...

bwahahahahahaha! that guitar is just an omen of things to come. snort. looks like a fun time was had by all, and she's just a flippin hoot.

Kate said...

consider yourself tagged!

1.Last music you listened to -
2.Last thing you watched on TV -

3.Last movie you saw -
4.Last book you read -
5.Last person you spoke to -

6.Last thing you ate -

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10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted -

:>) Kate

jan williams said...

These are Fabulos pictures!!! Great JOB!!!!!

noelmignon said... glad you guys had fun!!! Youo got some good shots to Missy!! Happy birthday to Lil' Bella Boo from me :)

DebW said...

Looks like she really cleaned up in the gift dept!! Love that wig!! So glad you were well enough to enjoy the day with her!

Colette Bate said...

It looks like everyone had a rockin' great time ... especially Bella! Her friends ... the cake ... her presents ... the playground ... the pinata .. ohhh, your pictures are awesome, Nancy ... and I'm lovin' the Slide show!!

Now .... let's get you and John some earplugs!! bbwwaaahahahaha

Di Hickman said...

hahahahaha bet you're loving that microphone!!!

Patti Smith said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Bella looks precious as always. Several of my granddaughters are so into Hannah Montana....I'm so glad you had great weather and Bella had such a good time....great job Mom and dad!!patti

Angel said...

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day !

Julie said...

How cute!! Those pics of her with the guitar are adorable!!!!