Monday, April 07, 2008

I got Tagged.

The Six Words memoir.
Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like
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OK, here goes:

my pal Angel Tagged me to write my own 6 word Memoir... so ... here goes:

JUST IN CASE TOMORROW NEVER COMES: I know in one way it is kinda morbid to think what tomorrow would be like if you weren't here to see it. On the other hand... do you think about what you want to be your mark.. just in case? I mean I have Bella. She is my heir. she is me carried on. But what about other than that. What mark do we have. I guess that is another reason I scrapbook so much and do so many blog entries. Someday Bella will have the chore or honor not sure which yet of looking back through all of this. Hopefully she will see the love and the heart I put into it. The laughter, the sadness and sometimes loneliness but always honor to be her mom and John's wife. Some people are never content with that. They want to be the bit CEO of some company and want to climb the ladders of success but ya know... this is my success right here. John and Bella are everything in this entire world to me and all that I ever did want. Since I was able to date, all I ever wanted was someone to look at me the way John does. Even on the days when I am so sick and would not think anyone should love me.. he is there. I hope and pray Bella finds someone someday (LONG LONG LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG time from now) that looks at her and treats her the way he does me. I am very spoiled and it is mostly his fault. He builds me up to where I need to be on the days I just cant reach it. You all know just how desperately I have always wanted to be a mommy. That dream came true and I love it. Some days I don't feel like a good mommy. I know I never would be the perfect mommy but I think someday when she looks back and knows and sees what we went through for her, To get her here and to stay here to be with her...that is where she knows our love will be. So just in case there is no tomorrow. I hope they know. I pray they know. Im telling them now so they will know. JUST that they are my entire world and every breath I take, every fullness of my heart has their fingerprints all over it and for that I am truly grateful.

SO NOW I TAG: JAN, Tracy, Colette, Cheryl wray, and Lynn


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Well how do you top that.. Can I just ditto what you said!!!! You are a great mommy and a great inspiration to so many people..
thanks for tagging me (I think) hahha I really do need to update that neglected blog of mine!!
luv your gutz,
co-owner of TTS

Colette Bate said...

Yikes! I've never been tagged. ohhh, how fun!! Now ... you know it will take me a day or two to come up with 6 words!! If you wanted me to write a 12 page thesis then 'no problemo' girlfriend! I'm your gal! But, oh ... keep it to 6 words??

And, to think that I'd have to keep up the high standards you've set with your post? I think you probably need a transfusion, girl ... you poured your heart out with that post. Beautifully written, beautifully stated, and you really touched my heart.

You KNOW that they KNOW. We all know ... because you're so good about telling us every day!

{{{{hugs, honey}}}} Be well. Be loved.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow, I hope you journal that on a page. I hope the new doc will have some answers for you. You are the strongest woman I know!