Sunday, December 16, 2007


FIRST I HAVE TO SAY A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NOT SO ILLEGAL ALIEN PAL DI! (that is my pet name for her hahaahaha) I hope you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY TODAY GIRL. AND DON'T RUB IT IN TOO bad that your STILL younger than us all :P~~~ LOVE YA MEAN IT! HOPE You have a WONDERFUL day!

A Tag from Teri- lynn IM just a month late with it hahahaha. SORRY girl!

Ten things I did this weekend:
1. cleaned my scrap room
2. made a ton of stuff I cant show yet.
3. cooked these fabulous bacon thingys
4. Got a package that didnt belong to us
5. Got A FABULOUS early Christmas gift that totally made me smile HUGEEEEEE and one for Bella (Thank you liz!)
6. Spoke to the lady that used to live in our house (it was her box we got, funny story ha!)
7. Watched christmas movies
8. Played dress uo with Bella (we did hair)
9. Missed our family's Christmas party :( at my aunts house.
10. Today is Bella's program and David and Diane's church.. that I wont get to go to either :( so add cry to the list. BUT I will get over it fast Im just mad at myself for being sick. (all the blame time!!!)

9 things on my agenda this week:
1. finish making Christmas presents
2. Wrap Christmas Presents
3. Clean guest room
4. Clean the floor and couch
5. CLEAN BELLAS ROOM (throw away old toys she has trashed)
6. make the food goodies we are giving as christmas presents to neighbors (the ones that cant catch shingles) The others that are older IM terrified to cook anything for them and them catch this! WHat is the rule on that with shingles do yall know? anyone?
7. Scrap like a crazy person with a mission to finish all my christmas gifts
8. Call shannon and see if she can make Bella some Hair bows (if you are reading this HEY I NEED SOME HAIR BOWS ILL EMAIL YOU THE COLORS I NEED LOL)I know your busy so after the first of the year is fine.
9. Cry cuz I want to go to Bella's program Thursday but Know It is too risky being around all those germy children.

8 shows I've watched last week:
2. Men in trees (rerun but I hadnt seen it)
3. Meet the Robinsons
4. Oprahs Favorite things (I just love those shows)
5. Rachel Ray (I hardly ever miss it LOVE her show)
6. JOyce Meyer (I love her!!)
7. Survivor
8. House (rerun)

7 things I cooked last week (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know my husband just laughed OUT LOUD at this)
1. CHeese toast
2. Tea
3. THESE bacon wrap things
4. pop tart
5. Brocolli cheese/ or a brocolli cheese roasted potatoe
6. Does Microwave count? Sorry, Seriously, I really Havn't cooked alot since being so sick the last few months John does most of our cooking these days. I did cook alot during Thanksgiving. BUt John is a wonderful cook and enjoys doing it so I LET him have that pleasure.

6 things I read this week
1. tons of email
2. Power of the Praying wife (read it daily)
3. Blogs
4. Message boards that I am on
5. Elmo goes to the fire house
6. the christmas smelly book (another of Bellas favorites)

5 Reasons to be happy today
1. Bella is going to be in the program at David and Dianes church (please lord don't let her still ahve this tummy virus so she can go. They are really counting on her and she wants to do it and has practised so hard!)
2. My shingles are so much better than last week, still not well but better
3. This medicine doesnt make me AS dizzy as that other one.
4. Watching Bella sing her little songs and practise for her play.
5. That John will get to be with her at the play and they will video it so I can watch!!

4 things I need to buy
1. gift certificates
2. photos to finish this book
3. The book POWER OF THE PRAYING PARENT, Also want that book deceptivly delicious or well I would go to the library... rofl
4. Christmas food stuffs

3 people I saw this weekend
1. JOhn
2. Bella
3. Diane

2 things I am thankful right now
1. That Bella is sleeping peacefully and her stomach seems better
2. That I have John and Bella and my family and friends. I dont know if I would survive without them!

and one more thought:
We take so many things for granted every day. Getting to go to the store and christmas shop may seem like a chore to so many people right now, or going to Christmas events, There are so many including myself that wish so desperatly they could get out and do things.... Be thankful for just a moment for your health and that you are able to do the little things... That you don't have to worry about germs and take expensive medications! WE truly dont get it or appreciate them until WE arent able to do them anymore :)

PS: I tag... DI, Annette, WendyJ, Greta, Jan, Sherine, Joanne, Elizabeth, lynn, Cherylwray, Lucy, AND YOU if you are reading this hahahahahahahaha!


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DebW said...
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DebW said...

Ok, let's try again!

Sorry, can't tag me, no blog to respond to and it's too much to put on yours. Let's just say you're a little more productive than me this week! Here's to feeling better and that John brings home good video for ya to watch!

Lynn said...

dang. girl. you went wild. dayyamm!!! hope all your wishes came true.

Jana said...

What a cool list, I'm off to do that on my blog tonight!

Peta Boardman said...

Woooo!!! Girl what a tag..Happy your feeling a little better too!! :)