Friday, December 14, 2007

here are my treasures

Today is upload day at Treasures and here are the things I made for it. I told yall I would put up how to make this little planner thingy. IT wasnt hard at all trust me. I was so pushed for time this year. Being in the bed almost 2 weeks DIDNT HELP but thank the lord Im up and able to do some stuff now. THe sponsor this month was SCRAPWORKS. THey sent some TOTALLY COOOL product with chipboard embellishments everything you see here is scrapworks except the cardstock and the ink. They really did spoil us bad!

It is sinking in the realization that we are not gonna get to go home for Christmas. THis is the first year ever that I have missed a christmas with my family all together. Kinda depressing well actually VERY DEPRESSING. Especially since it is because I can't go. but we talked to the dr and tried to think of every way possible but it is just too risky with the meds I am on. John also has to work Christmas eve nad the day after Christmas. WIth it falling in the middle of the week it would be so hard physically on us. Driving 3 hours one way these days with my health is horrid. esp since errrm wearing the required upper undergarmets send me into fits of pain sometimes. MAN the things we take for granted!!
I am not even getting to go to any of BEllas little programs this year, she has one sunday at church but THEY PROMISE me they are videoing it and also emailing me tons of photos that I can share with you here. I am not gonna get to go to Bellas Christmas program at her school either so John is gonna try and video that for me and take some pictures. I was very upset I couldnt go. I have been trying to figure out a way.. maybe nasa would let me borrow an astronaut suit? or a bio hazard suit from the epa? oh well it was a thought. Soooo. anyway.. here I sit scrapbooking so I wont be sad lol.

AND AS promised! HEREEE is how to make this little cute planner. ITS SIMPLE SIMPLE REALLY.
1. get a sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock. fold it over 1/3 the way.
2. crease it well.
3. THEN FOLD it into 3 sections like an airline ticket sorta.
4. take a small amount of glue and glue down the sides to make the pockets
5. add your patterened paper
6. add your stickers and ribbon to tie it with (you just add it to the back) but dont glue all the way across just the right two sections) taht way you can tie it around the front of it.
voila there ya go. SIMPLE REALLY!

HOPE YOU Have a great time making it like I did. NOW fill it up with receipts and christmas list and hit the mall!


Di Hickman said...

cool projects nancy! Love theh planner!

Wendy said...

that planner is awesome...and the layout too!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE your little planner!!!

Oh, I just really feel for you about not going home and having to miss Bella's programs. But you have to take care of yourself!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I feel so bad for you. Try your best to keep your spirits up.......

Your projects look very cool.

chronic chick said...

I wanna try to scrap just don't know where to start. Any tips or ideas of how to start.