Tuesday, September 04, 2007


YES YOU HEARD ME... SALE my favorite 4 letter word. IN the store at treasures. awesome sale going on. WE have the paper store marked down like mad right now at TREASURES TO SCRAP.
EVERYTHING in the store (except the September kits) is 30% off across the board BUT WAIT. IF YOU SPEND 25.00 or more (which HELLLOOOOO I can do in less than a minute) YOu GET 40% OFF YOUR ORDER! That is getting your scrapbook supplies AT COST!!!!
Yeah be sure and look at the primas, she has all the basic grey, she has a ton of cool 7 gypsies, dream street, YOu name it go look on the side under manufacturers and Have at it. SO MUCH cool rockin stuff in there. Be sure and stock up now while you can this stuff is flyin out!
You get the sale price at check out. You use the coupon code TRACYSBIRTHDAY for under 25.00 order over 25.00 you use whatasteal!

so come check it out and stock up on your favorite supplies while they are in stock at TREASURES TO SCRAP.

have you been itchin for some of those prima pop up flowers and little accents? 7 gypsies stamps? YUP its in stock so come get it while it is on sale!

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