Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Mobile. Perfect weather, not too hot. The wind blowing a small breeze. Perfect day for Bella to play outside. SHE DID... almost ALL DAY LONG. I can remember when I was a kid going outside and playing all day. SO much fun. Poor kitty, Bella wanted it to do the CHA CHA but it just wasn't cooperating... Poor cat is gonna have nightmares about that short mean child.

She didn't have a clean spot on her when she came inside this evening. She was helping daddy most of the day. John got the new garage door working. Bella was convinced we needed to call Handy Manny but we kept saying NO DADDY CAN DO IT. SO she helped DIRECT him on the correct use of tools. HA! We needed the sensor on the door the one that came on the house when we bought it was outdated and had no sensor for objects left under the opening, so when a car pulls in or if a little short person by the name of Bella hits the button and leaves stuff in the way it wont crush it or ESPECIALLY her! He also burned some of the rest of the pile in the back yard STILL left from when they cut our pines. Bella kept telling me Daddy was cooking sticks... I was confused on that one but got it when I saw he was burning the old limbs and stuff. Pretty funny. ONE DAY it will be lookin good again. Bella had a grand time playing. We cooked out on the grill tonight (YUMMY STEAKS HUN) John can cook an awesome steak. Bella crashed early she was so tired. I have not seen her that dirty in a while.

I played outside this morning with her and then some this afternoon before it got dark and the mosquitos came out. IT sucks not being able to get out in the sun but I know better. I had alot of work to do anyway getting my projects done for Scrap that moment. I think I have them finished, now to just scan them in. I have to clean up my scraproom mess also It looks like a cycoon came through. I JUST LOVE this paper from this months sponsor. Yall are going to love this. SO much talent there. I am gonna do a couple more things tomorrow to them,just some polishing touches. Then scan/photo them. Well off to bed got church in the a.m. Then lots of work in the afternoon helping Net get THAT STORE upgraded whewhew CANNOT WAIT! My wallet is screaming at the thought.


*Jeanne* said...

Sounds like you had a great Saturday... Wish I could say the same. But you know WHO is the reason... UGH!

I love that picture of Bella and the kitty.. too funny

Nicole said...

Look at her with that kitty! Too cute. Isn't that like a rite of passage for kitties? I'm positive all of my cats have done the cha cha!