Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bella and her photo shoot

I did a photo shoot with Bella this afternoon... This is pretty much what she thought of it.... I did get some really cute photos though, some ok photos and then some el yuck o photos.. SHe was very distracted by a boy riding his 4 wheeler really fast up and down the road. She thought that was way cool and maybe she should have one of those...
I flash back to a certain barbie jeep that she named "THE SCARY JEEP" She was terrified of that jeep.. WELL not at first. AT first it was very cool and she sat on it and was like hmm ok, then her friend Eva Caroline decides to hit the go pedal ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR and run them through the swing set. No one was hurt but terror struck.
SO much for the barbie jeep. That was it for her. She had no desire to be on it. I did everything, I tried to get her to ride it but no... SO we luckily were able to return it... she has been talking about a 4 wheeler or a jeep again and I am still thinking it is not such a great idea.
John was talking to our friend at Bella's school who is also the director. She told us how impressed she was with Miss Bella (we looked around in shock and surprise to see if there were any other parents standing around with children by name of Isabella) She said No She is so quiet and reserved in class. (the look of shock on our faces must have totally taken her aback) She minds her teacher and does what she is asked. (again we are looking around for the set of parents that belong to this wonderful kid they are describing cuz THAT CANNOT BE our kid) She then tells about how she walks out to the playground and got a real treat. Bella had all the boys lined up in her class and was telling them THE CORRECT way to do things and this was how IT was gonna be done and no exceptions. Funny was THEY WERE DOING IT! everything she said.. Mind you the little girls were off in the corner hopscotching and playing on swings but oh no NOT Bella she is over with the boys telling them how this show will be run and They are to do as she says, when she says.... no exceptions. I couldn't help but laugh cuz THIS sounds so much more like the kid we know. Our friend thought this very funny, that she was keeping the boys in line. She couldnt get over how they were paying attention to the little dictator and doing what she said. I just shake my head.

Bella is thinking she is MUCH the superstar since her photo is in the Hobby lobby book. She loves to look at it and tells everyone "The Bobby Bobby has my pitter in a book" she informs anyone that will listen. OF course most people wonder who this bobby person is with photos of my kid.. so we explain. I try to tell Bella that this is not near as important to the rest of the world as it is to her grandmother who purchased enough copies to wall paper a small office. Can't wait for the legacy shoot to come out.. she is gonna be floored then. OR maybe she will use it as tile who knows..

We have taken another left turn on the scrapbook room project. We are thinking of going with the "Heidi Jones" approach and putting the cabinets and counter top in. We think we found a good deal on some and man it is NICE! Also out of site maybe out of Bellas hands.... doubt it but it is worth a shot. Also is going to be cheaper since his dad isnt going to be able to do the table and we have to get it done or go purchase it. I think the counter top will be more sturdy as well. Im so excited and glad the construction is about to begin.
I am supposed to go crop with some friends this weekend, I so hope I get to go. I miss them so much havent seen them in a while. Depends on hubbys schedule. Plus I don't drive much yet at least till all of the medication is out of my system especially at night. Who knew how bad that shingles screws up your eyes. So who knows if I will get to go, It is wait and see at the moment.

I GOT MY BOX FROM STM and Scrappy Chick. OH MY GAWESH. I am in love with all the stuff in that box. I couldn't believe all the product and LOVE all the extras. I can't tell you all the surprises, you will be able to see them this month on SCRAP THAT MOMENT in THAT GALLERY when the DT uploads all our projects, but I have to say TIM ROCKS! :)

I got my surpises for the pubs in Scrappy Chick too CAN YOU SAY ENTIRE LINE OF THE FALL/THANKSGIVING papers from Flair Designs along with embellies and the stickers and the velvet ribbons and the charms and the cardstock letters! MOUTH WATERING BABY! I have so many plans for that! I have been told next month Scrappy Chick prizes will be sponsored by Cosmo Cricket. CAN I GET A OH YEAH BABEEEY! SO submit submit submit!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to Shari at SANDYLION. I needed some papers that I couldn't find anywhere online to finish a project for Legacy magazine. I emailed her asking her where I could find them, who may carry them and did they have websites etc. She was so very nice and worked hard to find me an answer but had a HUGE rolodex of stores and didnt know who had this exact line so instead she said "I have no idea but I can fix this" and shipped me out the papers I needed RIGHT THEN! NOW that is customer service.. SOMETHING that you just dont see anymore. Thank you again to Shari YOU ROCK and so does SandyLion! You can catch that project in the March edition of Legacy magazine and Somerset home idiea book.

Well I have 2 of my 5 projects almost ready to go. I have to finish printing my photos and then lock myself in my room and get this done. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I am in scrapping heaven!
TA TA FOR NOW... and Happy scrappin'


*Jeanne* said...

She is her mommys daughter.... LOL Too darn cute... Send her to me... What a doll!

Deanna Kroll said...

That photo is too cute Nancy. Sorry I haven't been around much, read my blog, you'll know why. ;) Hugs girl!

kara jones said...

So glad you got your box Nancy! I bet I'm not as glad as your mail lady though! Hahahahaha! Bella is so much like a mini Morgan it's just something! Full of sassy-tude!

Well, I'm off to play with wishblade some more... I'm in love..