Saturday, August 19, 2006

2 more toots! YIPPEE

I have 2 more toots I got 2 emails in my box today that were so exciting. FROm 2 different places! Scrapstreet wants my grill layout and I cant say but my beautiful layout is going to be in a magazine but it wont be in until March .... MARCH good lord that is forever from now. SHe said they may use it in a tutorial though showing the 2 dimensional cutting. I told her GO LOOK AT MY FRIEND JEANNE's blog and go look at Carole's blog you may not want mine after that though THEIRS are amazing!!! She said she will, She is gearing up to do a big article about the three dimensional look that is all the rage in the down under right now but just makin it over to the states and she wants her magazine to be one of the first to have it. IM so excited! WHO KNOWS by March I may have a better one than this but she said she LOVES that photo of Bella. SO who am I to argue.
In other news IM A TOTAL goober but Yall already know this. The lil davis stamps I have the foam ones that I was telling some of you about that when I used it said fLiends instead of FRIENDS.. WEll ughm I fixed it. AFTER I wrote an email to them asking IF I was dyslexic or did a batch get botched (say that 5 times real fast you northerners) and this sweet lady gave me the sweetest reply and said No the batch actually did get botched and I received one of said botched batch... (or something like that) so anyway she said they would gladly send me a new one and quick cuz I have a deadline for scrappy chic. SO anyway I kept picking at the r I mean it was useless to me anyway I cant use FLiends on a layout Id get pinged for sure.. so I figured why not pick at it cuz if something isnt right with the world isn't that what we as humans do? we PICK at it. SO anyway I got it to come off and well...... I fixed it. SO NOW I have to send said sweet lady back ANOTHER email saying OH YEAH by the way... scratch that!!! SO IF ANY OF YOU have the CHRISTMAS FOAM STAMPS from lil davis and the circular frame that says joy, love, fLiends etc.. You can pull the r off carefully (3 drops of undo on it, it has heavy duty adhesive on it they are NOT FUSED TOGETHER AS I THOUGHT) and put it right side up and it is ok... OFF to send a note to the lady that was so sweet at lil davis to say NEVERMIND dont send me another one I FIXED IT forgive me for being a goober and such...YIppee....... ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD NOW.
AND THEN she sploded... the blonde child. THe little mini me. She sploded all over the couch and floor. I not sure if hubby shook her up too much before taking her head off or what... but she sploded. That was the only explanation I got when I walked into the living room and said.. YOU been cleaning? (harps start playing and a light from heaven shines down upon the living room) he growls YES, Bella sploded... Ok I look at him and say like IS she ALIVE? or are her remnants all over the living room He said yes (still I was standing confused) he said SHE puked OK! I said OH and a chuckle (thanking GOD I was in bed during that one and he got a total pay back for all the other puke and other fluids I have worn in her short 3 years) then with all the concern of the mother that I am , Isaid WEll? IS she ok? He said yeah she is asleep. Ok ... SO did you clean it all up Yup I sure did. MEN.. NO DETAILS at all!! I guess that is kinda good. WOW THings are going so good today. IM SO SCARED to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow the sky will definitly be falling IT has been a beautiful karma day!


Nikki Cleary said...

Congrats on getting your LO's published!!!! WOOHOOO
Thanks for posting on my blog, as you know we work hard on it...
I will see you on the STM message boards! Your name is already familiar with me.

*Jeanne* said...

I am so excited for you Nancy. WooHoo more to be published by you. Everyone should see your talent that is for sure.

You are going and tell people to go look at my work on my blog. That is so sweet. Yep the three dementional and add tolling to that is the big thing down under. Thanks to Carole. She is just amazing...

I hope Bella is feeling much better.


Kara Jones said...

Congrats on getting published, I love both of those layouts!

Sorry Bella is sick, it seems to be going around.