Sunday, August 19, 2012

My biggest critic, biggest/littlest Fan?

So today we (Mostly me) have been cleaning up in my scrapbook room rearranging cleaning out sorting and trying to get things to a better organization. When I got ill it became a catch all in there. Everything was being tossed on top of my scrapbook island (makes me ill to think) and in the floor and Bella had a great time with paints and inks and all sorts of things.
We (again with that WE mostly ME again) are taking my scrapbook island apart and putting it up against the walls more like cabinets with a counter top and a smaller table with cubes (with counter top) that is lower to the ground since I don't stand to scrap as much anymore. I have another counter top that is square and at the time we got it said I would hold on to it. Good thing I did. Also this way I can utilize space better (hopefully)

Bella looked through a lot of albums at older layouts I had done today. I loved hearing her say "OH I LOVE THIS ONE" "This is my favorite NO THISSS ONE"
One thing I found to be the most common thing, She loved the pages that had journaling on them. "Mama You need to write more STUFF on it, you know about what I was doin' and how cute I was and how much YOU LOOOOOVE mee and all?"  Me:""oh really?" Bella: Giving me her best literary stare with raviolis smeared on her face "YES REALLY MAMA, People Like that kinda Stuffs, well and ME TOO!" :with her sprakly grin really wide ME: "Good thing there are some of those in there huh?" Bella: "YUP" ME :gives a kinda stern look Bella: " I MEAN YUP-MAM"
Me" You are so silly" Bella hehehe
 SO you seeee,  err hear, ughm READ? The pages that just mainly had a title, or the pretty pages that had just a word on them. She thought were okay or nice, BUT. She really liked hearing the story again about what was going on in the photo.
She liked being reminded what we did, What I was thinking at the time maybe (well sometimes)



There are so many many more she just kept going ohhhh ahhhhh Loved reading them and laughing. She REALLLLY got to laughing when she saw this:

She remembered it though. Remembered getting in trouble and remembered me being so angry I cried.
(Although I stopped and took photos of her hahaa)
She loves this one of Nana Faye's Red Hat.

But the one's like this, Were her favorite.

and this.

My kid... She is going to make me journal more. What about your kids? What do they like? Have you had these conversations? Do they pull out their books and look at them? Who looks at your books the most? LET ME KNOW!!


Squirrel said...

I love them all! You've got a smart cookie there, likes reading about herself - who doesn't? LOL
Rosey x

Nancy Jones said...

Hey there Rosey! Long time no talk! It's good to see you. Yes she is a smarty (in more ways than one haha) She tells everyone she is famous. (she is in magazines ugh ya Bella don't get too excited it isn't like PEOPLE or anything) I am waiting for her to start charging for her autograph. She is something. Funny kid. SOOOOO GOOD to see you!

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