Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goin to see Nana Faye...

Ever since I found out that Nana Faye was going to be this direction for a wedding, all I could think about was getting to where she was going to be. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to "get my hands on her" to get hugs and just to be around her even if it was for a few minutes. I know yall may not understand or be able to comprehend the value of the love we have for this woman. No she really isn't related to us. But she is our Nana. Thinking back she has always been around. When I needed someone to talk to. WHen I needed advice or someone to tell me like it is. Or a shoulder to cry on. Heck she helped me go through baby names back and forth when I was trying to think of names for this little bit right here!!

So getting to see her live and in person. not talking to her on the computer or on the telephone. (Im going to start crying again) was the most wonderful gift I could have ever been given in my life. I just kept looking at her. soaking it all in. Every second. Looking at photos. Talking and just being with her.
Her skin is so soft. She smells so good. I want to remember every second.
Time went very fast.

John took alot of pictures (I thought our expressions were funny on this one)

It was really good to see Carol and Norman again.
Nana Faye gave Bella the sweetest lil Doll. Bella has named her after Nana Faye. (how sweet is that?)

Carol looked really good. I know she is about to have surgery on Thursday. Hope that everything goes well and she recovers quickly.

Bella was happy to see them and loved getting extra whip cream with Carol for her Banana pudding (they share that love)

We had a nice lunch. Had a good time. was so good to see Nana, Carol and Norman. Don't worry we Gave her hugs for everyone.
I just Didn't want to leave. I Wanted to put her in my car and take her home with me.
Love that woman! Really hope she enjoys the wedding and we didn't wear her out too much today. I know we enjoyed seeing her and I wouldn't have traded today for anything in this world.

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DaLynn said...

What a sweet visit. I'm not sure who Nana Faye is, but she sounds like a dear sweet lady and your love for her is obvious. Those are some great pics too! I still can't believe how big Bella is. Wow. Glad you had the opportunity to go see her!