Thursday, September 01, 2011


Well it is a new month. Did you get your computer backed up? What about your photos? Did you get your pictures printed off? Yaaa me either. Good thing we have a long weekend huh? Unless your one of those fortunate people that gets to actually TRAVEL and have fun on Labor day? We used to be those people before MS.
IS ok Suposed to be raining all weekend. (AND some awesome COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYIN THIS WEEKEND WHEWWHEWW) I just felt Bella's eyes roll from where ever she was. That child will come into where John and I are and scold us for "Being TOO LOUD". We get into our football games. I worry I am going to be "That mom" at her games at school.

My mom embarrassed my brother horribly when he played football in school. I was young so I don't remember it. Just remember the stories. Something involving "THEY BETTER GET OFF OF MY SON!!" good thing I don't have a boy PLAYING foot ball. Glad she is Cheering.
She is so excited!
It will not be long now before her games begin.
She is the perfect one to be a little cheerleader. She brings me alot of cheer.
I mean I woke up to this on my phone the other morning.

Is that not an amazing way to wake up?
Love that girl!
So her Being a next generation "Cheer" leader just seems to fit. ya she is following in the foot steps of her cousin Kasi and me also. A funny but interesting fact. Her cousin Kasi and I both cheered at the same school. Lots of years in between.NO COMMENTS about that please! :P~(Kasi is my cutey niece) My mom still has some of my cheer uniforms. Whats funny. Bella could probably fit in them now.

Notice the matching outfits? She is all about that. Surprised lou lou the lamb didn't have one too. Silly girl. This is another just woke up picture. I tell her this is when she is the sweetest and snuggly. My girl is growing up yall! Hope everyone is doing ok with the storms. BE safe with the next one it looks like a booger as well. Hope yall are getting a break before it hits.

Think I will go work on doing as I say and back up my computers and pictures and.... yeah. :)
have a great day!

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