Saturday, January 15, 2011

The definition of Happy according to Merriam Webster is: adj ;\ˈha-pē\
enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment

For those of you reading that have M.S. or those that KNOW me and know how HEAT can make it worse or flare up symptoms. With me... YA..I melt or literally become paralysed. My legs go weak I can't walk. WHYYY am I bothering you with this information you ask? well IT'S so this next bit of information will make sense.
We live in Mobile as you know.. which is like THE SUNNNN in the summer. Yes we have nice breezes but it is so flippin Humid down here it is disgusting. Unless you enjoy the beach. I USED TO. OH I adored the beach. Was a sun worshiper. LOVED outside Until all this MS ...crapp happened. anyway
Hurricane Katrina taught us a valuable lesson.. being without electricity here is NOT FUN in the summer. or any other time for that matter. There is NO WAY I would make it now. So we took the means neccessary by getting a generator to hopefully take care of that. IF you live in the south and you have a chronic illness, I suggest you get a generator of some capacity. CHeck your insurance, with different organizations or societies for help because some do offer assistance if you qualify. so there is an FYI FOR YOU.

SO They had a recall and something freaked out on it and dude had to come fix it. Guido, our Austrailian Shepherd was aggravating the snot out of him poor guy, (licking him to death if anything)
he wanted to EAT HIM at first.. Guido is an outside dog because Bella is allergic, but I had to bring him inside.
Guido LOVES BELLA. HE thinks Bella belongs to him she is his personal Girl. You will see in these photos I took with my cell phone The bond they have. It is just unreal. just how much he loves her.
You can see it on his lil face.
He is the funniest dog.
I used to have 2 lil yorkies and I used to say I would call "GUIDO AND THE BOYS..." so here would come Guido with these two lil bitty mini house shoes running behind him.. was soooo hysterical.. anyway
Guido WAS atually my Husbands dog but BELLA is HISSSS. NO DOUBT.

When I first let him in I set my cup of coffee down that I had put whip cream (the spray kind) and some caramel toppin lightly drizzled (got to make it pretty its my happy coffee of the day) and a blonde oreo cookie on the side table. Dude knocks on the door to tell me something. Not thinking how tall Guido is. I come back the whip cream is gone and so is my cookie. ANd I see THIS:

YA that would be him licking his chops.. Not only does he theiveee my snack but sits smackin on it too! little ingrate!
So anyway... He sniffs and explores all over the living room and keeps giving me this look. The look of "OK WHERE IS SHE. YOU KNOW THE ONE.. THE SHORT ONE BLONDE HAIR BIG MOUTH BIG GIGGLE???? MY GIRL??? WHERE YOU HIDING HER??? I have turned over everything in this room and smelled everything I know she has been here." HE just sat STARING AT ME. I TOLD HIM she was at school... HE was NOT HAPPY.
He finally grabbed one of her little socks she had left on the floor and laid on it beside the small chair he resolved to be hers and waited...

And he waited..


and then.... FINALLY..

What do you think???

and if this doesn't say Happy.. I DUNNO WHAT DOES...


Renee said...

Oh, cute! That's love, Nancy!!

Jocelyn said...

Love this one Nancy!!!!! I got such a giggle about your little thief!!!

He was a happy camper...whipped cream, a cookie and his favorite girl!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!