Friday, November 12, 2010

I made this page for The color rooms latest Challenge.
I used the Pink Paislee Ribbon Pleats to create this flower and a prima Pebbles to adorn the top of it. I know it is hard to see but it says Beautiful on the top of the pebble.

I also added a couple more pages to my 21 day challenge I am working on for RHONNA FARRERS 21 day challenge.

Our challenge for today is: DAY 8 I AM THANKFUL FOR:
I havent done my page in my journal yet but I will post it here on my blog... I can tell you there is so much I am thankful for. I can say the obvious. What is expected.
That God put us here on earth yes I am so grateful.
I am humbled.
Daily, that I get to be here and have this life with my husband and my child. I know yall know the story I know some of you are tired of hearing it. BUT bare with me here.
I wasn't suposed to have this kid. alledgedly. Way too many things happened too many close calls. Too many years not knowing what was wrong. BUT, This is all I have ever wanted. My dream come true. To have this life a wife and mommy. I didn't think I would ever have it, too many scares, miscarriages and illness. The fact I am still here is a miracle better yet, this precious lil' girl. The fact John is too is even a greater miracle some days ha! Ya he does take care of me and loved me through it all and it is a greater miracle. The divorce rate among couples of chronic illness are so high.
some of you may not know this but, He married me knowing I was sick. Ya, I postponed my wedding because I wanted to walk down the isle. I didn't want to go down in a wheel chair. pathetically vain I know but ya we were suposed to be married in September, I changed it to November.
Although we found out it was MS years later. I gave him the option to go. He looked at me like my head was on fire and just laughed.
He said from the get go there was no retreat, no way out. Why would he leave now it was just starting to get good!
He would love me regardless no matter what. "Besides if I couldn't walk it meant I couldn't run from him."
so ya I am eternally thankful. I never thought I would have anything like this.
I never thought I would have someone to love me, care for me, take care of me, cherish me, essentially just be my friend, lift me up and be my other half through everything good or bad.We laugh through the horrible things as well as the good. He has. I think that is the best part. Not only is he my husband he is also my friend.

I think he got a little more than he expected too haha. spitfire that I am. :D

We have fought some hard battles these 12 years and he has never left no matter what.
We have cried, fought, laughed, screamed, cheered, dug deep to make this work Sometimes I never thought we would not be able to do it.
When he loved me he told me it was forever. When we got married he said it was forever. I believe him. and Im thankful.


DebW said...

great Lo! and a beautiful post. I personally will never get tired of you discussing your blessings. I hope you realize that every good day for you is a blessing for us too. We want you to be happy, healthy and strong for your entire life. Love you Nancy!

Annette said...

great post!! beautiful work!!!

Renee said...

Oh, Nancy, your story warms my heart! 'Wishing you and your family many blessings!



Melanie Stanczyk said...

Great post about blessing!

Your 21 challenge book is a great idea, love the pages too!

Dawne Carlisle said...

Awesome Layout! I love the flower you made... and your 21 challenge book is wonderful!

RitaS said...

Your layout rocks Nancy - love that flower - and I love your title - we all experience that with young ones!!
Thanks for sharing your blessing with us as you are a blessing to us as well!