Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My wonderful Husband took me to this AMAZING place for our anniversary. The point clear spa and resort in point clear Alabama. Talk about relaxing. It was just what I needed.
what we BOTH needed. we refreshed relaxed in the spa, enjoyed the view. The buffet, Watched the Mississippi State game in the bar they had there called Buckys.
was really nice. I posted some photos from my phone on facebook but they were not that great.
Here are a few photos I took with my camera. (that is what he got me for anniversary/Christmas/birthday an upgraded camera oh and this mini vacation haha)

when we first got there (keep in mind I had no clue where we were going it was a surprise) there were these 2 dudes walking around, one with a drum the other with an american flag. They had on the old timey colonial outfits. Every day they go to this cannon at 4 pm and shoot it. Seems they used this hotel during the civil war and during WWII for a naval training base. SO, in honor of those soldiers they shoot off the cannon every day.

the spaaaaaaa:
John set us up first for a massage. It was heaven. He didnt really care for it. He said next time he will play golf and I can do the spa thing haha. I said works for meeeeeeeee! It was amaazing!

view from our room:
it had windows on 3 sides was so beautiful
(hubby did gooood)


This was parked outside our window...told ya we were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of our element hahahahaha. This was from across the parking lot only way I could get the entire thing in the photo IT WAS HUGEEEEEEEEE! wonder who it belonged to.

my garden NEVER looked like this....

they had the most gorgeous Christmas decorations

The brunch had HUGE gingerbread village with a toy train running through it with ice sculptures all over the place.

It was absolutely wonderful. We had a relaxing enjoyable time. Ate some good food, got to relax enjoy each other and have some quiet.
sooo nice. Im ready to go back everythign was so beautiful.
Amazing the beautiful things we have here down on our Gulf Coast in Alabama.
right here at the bay!


Jocelyn said...

WOW...what a great time you had!!! I adore the pic.....just beautiful!!!

I need one of these getaways!!!!

So glad you enjoyed yourself...you deserve it!!!

BabyBokChoy said...

He did good a'ight!!!! Looks like an amazing place!!! wow!!
Hey, did you see, is that you? who won at Shimmerz? :)