Friday, November 05, 2010

21 day challenge

I added a new thing to my side bar tonight. DO YA SEE IT? Its the 21 day Challenge icon with Rhonna Farrer.

I am still trying to decide on my word.
I think I have decided I am going to do a mini style book with a deck of cards for my art journal. I had fun doing the last style book I did that way. It was small and wasn't too time consuming for me. 30 min tops. I used larger style cards with it so it still had a good bit of room to design. I had alot of fun doing it.

I just need to figure out my word. What I want to change... there is a good bit haha.
21 days. now till Thanksgiving. we have had sooo much going on.
I encourage you to do this if you think you can spare 30 minutes or so to play with me.
I think it would be fun.

I think I will go back and watch the video and read over it good. What do you say. Who is with me?
so tell me what is your word and what are ya gonna do? Who else is doing the challenge?


Renee said...

You bet I will challenging along with you, Nancy! I completed the challenge last year. You go girl! Is today day 1? Thanks!!



NancyJones said...

yup today is day one... im trying to think of my word.... whats yours going to be?