Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Festival/BCA Crop

This Saturday We are having our Annual Fall festival at JCCA. LOTS OF FUN for everyone. All kinds of food and different booths with prizes. Hay ride, pony rides, games, A pie baking contest all kinds of good stuff.
There is as always the Live auction that is always alot of fun.
We have the country store that has lots of Home grown and Home made goodies in it.
I am making some fun things to go in there. Here is a little sample of One of the things that I am making.
Auburn and Alabama Magnets.
These are hand painted tiles and the papers have been donated by our Local Scrap book store here in Mobile Scrapping Frenzy(THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


I have other goodies that will be in the booth as well This is just what I have made so far. Got set back a little the last couple weeks. I had a bad bad Virus Then Bella got it. She was horrible with it. I was on the edge of making John take her to the ER several times with her breathing.

Then I got shingles. ya I know... (I always get shingles whenever I get sick with any little thing , cold or whatnot.. or any type of trauma happens its just one of those things because of the Medication from the M.S. I am on.) I got really upset not long ago because I had so much hope I would be able to get off this medication and go on the "NEW IMPROVED FABULOUS BREAKTHROUGH MIRACLE DRUG" they keep raving about the oral medication... then I started reading about it. The 2 deaths they had in the research study died from ... you guessed it. zoster that went to the brain.
so ughm IM ThINKIN NO! I have enough trouble with shingles they get in my ears really bad that is close enough to my brain THANK YOU!
I will keep doing injections and fighting nausea.
We tried to prevent Them by Upping the Shingle Medication so it wouldn't be a bad outbreak but nonetheless still broke out. ANY shingle outbreak is NOT pleasant. Thank the lord it only has lasted a little over a week. I have had them last for months. and be covered in them!

Bella is doing soooo much better. This is the most school she has missed in forever. I am glad she is doing better so she can go on her field trip and go to fall festival or "festable" as she calls it. This is our favorite time of year. (AND I CANNOT WAITTTTTTTTT TO GET PHOTOS!
I have a crate fullllllllllll of kits to scrap with and I AM READY TO GET SOME scrapppin done. Speaking of getting my scrap on this coming weekend WE HAVE A CROP!!

Also this Saturday my friend Darlene is hosting a Breast Cancer NO FRILLS Crop To help raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. The fee is 20.00. Here is more info about it If you do not have facebook Here is a description From Darlene:
(This is a day of Scrapbooking to help Making Strides for Breast Cancer. The cost is $20.00 and we are offering 3 classes for $5.00 each. Lunch & Dinner will be provided.

I (Darlene) am a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR and am involed with making strides. I have a personal goal of $2500.00 to raise and this will help.

If interested please message me your email address & I will send you send you a form.

We will be teaching a beginners class, all you need to bring is your scrapbook & pictures.)
This is going to be SOOOOO much fun and for a GREAT cause! SO yall come on out and enjoy with us some great fellowship and scrapbooking!!
You can click on this link here ~~~~> THIS LINK HERE
to contact Darlene for information to attend the crop or to make a hefty donation :D

~SO what photos are you looking forward to scrapbooking right now?
~What are your favorite fall photos you like to take?
~Do you attend fall "Festables?" as Bella would say, or any other parties this time of year, where you get to take lots of photos?
~Have you recieved or purchased any cool kits or product lately that you just LOVE tell me about it, YOU KNOW I LOVE to enable errrr I mean try new things haha! I just might have to try it out and feature it here on my blog!


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