Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well if that don't make ya heart switch sides....

it just might heal ya!
So I got into this Krispy Kreme donut discussion, over a photo that Kizer and Bender put up on their facebook feed. It 'bout hurt me. Im tellin' ya. I had dreams about that sucker.
I couldn't get it out of my head. I used to be really skinny. I wore leg warmers under my pants legs to make them look like they had a shape. (don't have much of an issue now THANK YOU TO STEROIDS no I don't play pro ball, just have MS thank you) I have more trouble eating than any person I know. more of a problem keeping food in me. Nothing agrees with an MS patient due to medications it seems. But OH how I LOVE me some KK donuts. THE SMELL of them is just HEAVEN! SUGARY OVERLOAD DELIGHT! The things I can do with them suckas. The recipes are endless. That post went on for days and days. They bring back so many wonderful memeories. ahhhhhhh.
One of the first dates John and I had was to KK donuts. early in the morning. THE LIGHT WAS ON. which means to you that don't know "They were hot." (we had had a few) and omgosh I think we scarfed down a whole dozen in record time. We were the only ones in the place and they were kickin us out. (I was tryin to get them to please let me make the donuts)
was a lot of fun though.

My honey knows how to make me happy. so I had this grand idea. ice cream samiches out of KK donuts. omgosh. THAT WOULD JUST HAVE TO BE GOOD huh? I mean it was 2 of my most favorite things IN THE WORLD.
so here is what we did.

(don't that look just out of the flippin world?????) I have the best ideas ADMIIITTTT IT! that will make you just fall in love right there!)

Ok so first you split the donut like a bagel. Let the grown folks do it for ya if ya can't do it ya self.
Don't go cuttin ya scrappin hands!
(pop it in the nuker (aka. microwave) for about 10 seconds depending on how old yours is) get it just warm.. mmmm smells good don't it?


Spread on ya some ice cream.. blue belle home made vanilla oh ya baby (if ya down in the south that is THE ONLY KINDA ICE CREAM to get) if you don't live in the south. well. Im sorry for ya. you need to come down here and learn bout some good eatin!
(and how to Reckon!)

Put the top on. Oh man. Its gonna be so good! Then ooozle droozle some of this caramel sauce on top. oh lawd help me.

Then can I get a volunteer? anyone anyone??? someone wanna taste test? anyone.
Sure you cute little girl that I might know.

Now that my friends... is some good stuff right there.

I didn't hear anything out of her for a while so I think she liked it.

Here ya go again with the finished product:

OH and you can also make cute mini albums out of the hats:

HELLOOOO you think I was just gonna do a post and not have anything scrappy in it?
me thinks you do not know me very well!

This is an older mini album (you see how little Bella bug is) so I won't bore you with all of it. BUT JUST had to show you. This love affair has been long going hehehe
so. GO. have some fun. eat some donuts make a mini out of the cute hat they give you. (you don't have to take a kid with you to get a hat by the way just so ya know)
hope you have a good day)


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Heather Bredimus said...

Hi Nancy! I found your site off of Today’s Creative Blog! I love your craft! It looks absolutely delicious! I just signed up to be your newest follower! Woo hoo! I hope you stop by my new blog. I just started it 2 months ago and would love new friends! Please come see me at


Rach H said...

I love the mini album!!! It's awesome!

Melissa said...

Ok, so I've been eating KK and vanilla ice cream for YEARS! LOL! seriously... my mom would (back then) pop the doughnut in the oven just for a min to heat it up... then put only one little scoop of vanilla ice cream in the hole... then we would eat them like nobody's business! This is what we'd do with the doughnuts the next day.. you know.. when they're not as fresh.. MAN.. it is GOOD!

jennifer said...

Krispy Kreme is the BEST! Love your mini album.