Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick someone "Find me my glue"

There are always two weeks a year that I just really do not like... This is one of them.The other understandably the week my dad was killed buried and his birthday falls right after. But Fathers day week is sad, It is, WELL, for me that is BUT, I try really hard really really really hard to not be all mopey and sad because my sweet husband is now a daddy and also I have an amazing man in my life also that I acquired when I married that sweet man my father in "love" BElla RELISHES in this day and LOVESSSSS her daddy just as MUCH as I LOVED my daddy. SHe adorns him with beautiful "handmade" necklaces. Makes him many cards and projects and is so proud. How can you be sad. I still can't help but have that tear shed occasionally knowing someone is missing but looking down smiling on this little girl remembering the days I did that with him. I was that same little girl bouncing around the house giving him cards. adorning him with paper necklaces... taping pennys to paper... seems like yesterday...
Needless to say this week I have felt like my life has been falling apart. I know everyone just thinks ohhh that Nancy she is just being a drama queen well, ok think what you want I really don't give a flying squirrel you know that if you know me.
But, if you read me on facebook you probably know life has been falling apart at the seams it feels like.

It always seems to happen in threes? well SOMEONE needs to tel)l the UNIVERSE! Flood gates have opened and here it came. I got really angry because I didn't know or understand what was going on with family member that is obviously dying. (they do this to me all the time thinking they are protecting me by not telling me for six months... when they have had all this time to prepare mentally is all my point is) I understand my "health" is trying to be considered but everyone has been told just tell my husband let him decide. please and thank you and I say that sincerely not with any bitterness and snark I promise....yet.

This week has been rough. Father in law is in Rehab with his Hip replacement BUT he is doing really well with THAT now, Trying to keep his spirits up (as you can see with the cards) He has to have his pinched nerve still done after this.

My Aunt Norene (she lived Across the street from my grand mother) and is so very dear to our family has been our entire life we ALL loved her she has been a family favorite of the entire McCrary Family no less. She had fallen and hit her head had surgery now she is not doing well (?) she is 93. was told they were basically planning her funeral. so This is all I know. (oh I will know when I go home cuz I can't get anyone to answer me!)

Frances as of last night (my best bud, maid of honor at my wedding) Is in CCU right now I wont say where for her privacy. she is stable. She is ok. Thank you Jesus! They put stint in right side of her heart. 2 of them. so please keep her in your prayers! Thank you sally for letting me know! I so appreciate you!

During the middle of all this we hear EXCRUITIATING SCREAMS I mean like a BANCHEE thinking someone is dying.. being killed then I realize oh crapp THATS MY CHILD it is coming from the swingset and the window (there is no door but almost became a exit hole) behind me. She was screaming like I have never heard her scream before.. Was thinking oh good lord the cats, guido, what has gotten her. WHo? What? where is my 9 iron?

She swings on the swingset pretty high.. then JUMPS OUT? (remember doing this as a kid? thought you were cool and a badars when you did it too didn't you?) well she did it and usually she lands and looks oh so cool. well this time, not so cool. she landed on her arm. She was pitiful last night I wanted to take her to the urgent care. Hubby doesnt think its that bad. She doesnt want to go to dr so thinks its ok too (of course but every time rolled over on it in her sleep woke up with it hurting. She is saying it still hurts today. (she doesnt want to go to the dr though) imagine that I think she is scared of a shot. I told her they will just take a picture of it no shots.
she wont listen though (imagine that.) SHE DOES NOT want to make cards for Papa today... so it must really hurt. she has been buggin me for 2 days . (its important to her) she woudlnt even talk to nana on phone last night and well that is like I dunno she never not talks to nana or grandma on the phone EVER!! She didnt want to do either last night. SHe seems MUCH better today though just kinda pouty. She said she didn't want to go swing this morning though when I asked her if she wanted to hahaha. (Ya im am mean that way)

I am thinking of asking the dentist to give me another week or so before we go do take out my temporary teeth seems like the good lord must want me to wait. (although they don't seem to hurt as much)

SO I will be makin cards ( bet she will join in later if she is up to it if not I am gonna MAKE THEM go in she does seem alot better today) and hopefully no more people end up sick or in hospital today. (Yall need to behave I got to REFILL MY GLUE!!!!!) no more of my cards will end up backwards... that is also another post... yes I told yall that I was just a little bit backwards myself but again, YALL KNOW ME by now and know that anyway so just deal with that part if you get a backwards card that IT just might be upside down and back wards so enjoy it.
hmmm, might have to be my new trademark.


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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, this is only the 2 day I have read it and now have it booked marked. Keep up the good work and I hope Bella is better today.