Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mobile Crop for a Cure

I am all kinda tired!!! But I tell you what. I had sooo much fun. This is the first crop I have been to in so long. It was soooo good to get out. I have not been out around people in so long I was so distracted I didn't get but one layout done haha. (I ran my mouth I know your surprised) It was soooo good to see old friends and make new ones. Got to sit with Debra and with Darlene and I just want to Hug Darlene to pieces. she is 19 months out (I am gonna start cryin again) breast cancer survivor xoxox! So happy for her! SO it was an awesome crop and emotional at times!

I want to once again THANK THE people that spent their time effort and talents to make things for our silent auction. They were amazing and were such a success! I am so very proud of My friends I just love you guys for helping me do this. Also the manufacturers and kit clubs that sent product omgosh you guys are so awesome Thank you so very very much! Everyone that came got a door prize. Everyone was very impressed with the prizes and very happy! I thank you all so very much. I can't say Thank you enough! This was VERY successful and Melissa raised a good bit of money for the Susan G Komen foundation. . AND NEXT YEARRRRRR..... I THINK will be even bigger and BETTER Than this year. I know the fun we had will carry Melissa through that 3 days of walking she will be doing in October and thinking of all those women and all that they go through just knowing she has all of us behind her supporting her!

OK I have rambled on enough. Just wanted to say I really had a great time. and wanted to thank everyone that helped out with the crop in one way or another. It was appreciated more than they know. I will be working on Thank you cards this week some things have come up unexpectedly.
I will put some photos (that I didnt take a single one but I know Melissa and Debra did so I will borrow some and post them. But I had a great time. It was so good to see Mrs Arlene and get hugs! have missed her so much was good to see everyone Debby, Holly and Janie (hugs) have missed everyone look forward to scrapping sometime and made lots new ones!!I know Melissa is probably beyond exhausted today. she looked just so tired. I hope she is getting good rest today thinking about all the smiles and laughs and that will make it all worth it!

Here is the one layout I got done haha ya I know everyone was ragging me about my ONE layout haha. I put a little bit more stuff on it today as you can see. I will tomorrow post some detail shots and do the expletives. This is for

I will be back later to explain more of my layout... I have close up photos and explanations but Im worn slam out. So tomorrow is another day. (and my child IS INTO EVERYTHINGGGG she made mud pies then came inside.. mommy was so tired today. ) sigh
praying and counting to ..... well I am on about 70 right now. John hosed her off and gave her a popsicle BUT I DID TAKE PHOTOS so thats another page.. gonna hose em BOTH!! I just want to rest thats all. haha. sigh. and not have a muddy house. ok back to rest.


Lori Mar said...

What an adorable LO, Nancy! Glad you had such a good time at the crop!

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm glad you had fun! ANd YEP, I was plum tuckered out! I'm starting to recover today.. thank goodness! CAUSE I gotta start walking!