Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I played with paper....

finally... ya I finished this layout. Im still shaky. I have shingles still and ya I havn't scrapped in a while so gimme a break. (you try to scrapbook in bed and see how good you do?)
I do a little then stop do a little then stop so thats why its taken forever to do this page. sorry ma. It took forever She knew what all had been going on though. It had been laying on my scrap table forever. Also my lil cousin is getting married soon. Heck I say lil what am I talkin bout brit brit is AMAZON WOMAN she is like 7 foot tall. I cant wait for her to have babies they are gonna be pro ball players she and her hubby to be both are hugomongous tall people. I always said she shoulda been a model. anyway. I had her in mind and thought she was gonna have alll these photos (her mama is a crazy scrapper lady too so you knowww she gonna have alot of pictures) so I thought I would play around with some minis and give one to her as a lil brag book to put her photos in. I have a better gift for her for her ACTUAL wedding gift thingy so dont think Im skimpin or nuttin. Im just playin with this stuff here. its just funnin. I wanna give her this as just a fun thingy.


here is the layout

The Journaling reads:

You are just so crazy about your Nana.
Which I mean, I can see why. She is
such an amazing person. There is no
doubt and these photos definitely show
just how happy you guys are when you
spend time together.
This song kept going through my head
when I was looking at these photos.

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how you
Toss the dice
It had to be

The only one for me
Is you
And you is me.
So happy togetherrr.

How is the weatherrr?

This is the cutest song
By the The Turtles
(way before your time they were before
my time too)But it always makes me smile.
I love how happy that Your Nana makes you,
and how happy you make her. You two truly are
Happy together!

Im not finished with it. I cant tie bows real well. My hands are all weird so I left the ribbon long. I dunno what is on that ribbon :( may have to take some of the green off and cut it shorter dadgum. oh well its just preliminary anyway. sigh. Still workin on the inside... a little at a time. GOT to make myself get up and do something. I cant keep just laying here doing nothing. Cannot stand it. Driving me insane. But hurts to move around much. stupid shingles. stupid ms. ughhhh!
Ok random.... There are kittens hanging on my living room window screens.... My house looks like vandals have taken over. my scraproom looks like it exploded. I need to just be cured so I can have my old life back! AHH wouldn't that be nice??? hehe. My house would probably still look like it had been vandalized and my scraproom would still look like it exploded I would still have cats hanging on my living room screen windows haha. We can dream..

I got a bunnnch of photos developed today. (walgreens had a special)
we have a crop coming up in Mobile. I hoope I can get rid of the shingles long enough to get to go. I am so looking forward to it. I have not gotten to do anythng like this in such a long time. I dont expect to get to be at the entire thing but if only for a few hours I will be happy. Im already starting to get prepared. So maybe just maybe.
I have been helping my friend Melissa get donations for the crop. Also getting some things for the silent auction. I think its gonna be amazingggg! Some awesome stufff!
(Thank you Leslie Thank you to Stacey at Shimmerz we have gotten yours already you are MAUUUUVALOUSSS!!!)

Ok I need to go Bella is quiet you know what that means... something is being vandalized. School is about to be out when???? sigh.



jan williams said...

Nancy Jones you know Britt Britt will absolutely love you for this!!!!Do not get her anything else girl!! You know I love handmade and so does she, You have done an awesome job and DO NOT go buy her anything else!! Thia is soooo perfect for her!!!

lfalduto said...

Wonderful layout Nancy!