Friday, March 12, 2010

The chilrens debut and some sad news :*(

Some of you already know this and know why I have not already posted these photos here....We have been just so sad. 3 of our kitties didn't make it. We have Just been so sad. I know that is just the way things go but it was still really sad. Just heart breaking.

I still have some pictures of them. I have them posted in this post you are welcome to look at them if you like. If you don't want to I understand, They were soooo sweet. I know it is a miracle that any animal survives in the first place but it still just breaks my heart and grips my soul. I know its a lesson all children have to learn. Oh it is so hard to go through with your children. OH SO HARD!

Any way. AS PROMISED. I DOOOO have photos of the FAB BABIES that are now... THE THREE STOOOGES... (yes she keeps renaming them) THEY HAVE SUCHHHHH little personalities already. One of them is VERYYYY VOCAL and when its brothers or errr sisters, or whatever (no, we have not found out if it like tomatoes yet ... if you don't know what Im talking about, Bella TOLD US Tinkerfrederellaisha was a girl. (hence her name kept getting longer) because, she didnt like tomatoes. she (Bella) doesnt like tomatoes and SHEEEE, is a girl.. THUS MAKES the cat a girl! :::shrug::: seems logical to meee!!! therefore SHEEEEE will be determining the sex of the kittens since we obviously didn't do too hot of a job with said mom cat! ALL I'm sayin here.



ONE is very vocal.. it whines and hollers at everrrrything.. so she calls it Squeaky, the other one flips and flops upside down side ways and rolls all over the place, in the photos you will see it upside down, over the others, under them, and this is always, at any given time it is nursing upside down, laying across the others laid outttt. so she calls it squigggly wiggly, then the other... she still calls it ree ree or moe rofl

Can youuuu Tell which one is which Just from my descriptions??? Yeah thought you could hahaha.

They are getting so big already and so funny. Tink Tink is being such a good mommy.


But She is still. "looking" at me like ok where are the other babies. I have some pictures from when they were a day old here with all 6 when they were all piled up still. I know, It has taken me this long to post them. It just broke my heart.
Broke my heart to pieces.

I feel so bad for her. Feel so sad for Bella also. So hard going through this with your child also going through it with your pet. Yesterday was horrible she was so upset and confused. she is better today and has calmed down alot.(tink tink)

It was so very sad. But she is adjusting now.
She is more relaxed and is nursing well with them and is just chillin being a mom. (She is not "getting" the litter box in the garage though rofl she left John a loveeeeely big present rofl.)
she told him alllllllll about it too and you could see her laugh when John was going OHHH MYY STARRRS TINK TINK ohhhh gooosh what the OHHHH YOU NEED TO.. OHHH. ughh Ewww! LITTTTTTERR BOXXX!!!!! UGHH! I swear she laughed at him! OH wait that was me.... no that was Tink... ok ok it was me. (she laughed too)

Thanks for stopping by Im hoping these three hang in there. They seem to be pretty tough little critters.

I got out a little bit yesterday got my hair cut so did Bella bug and John. Feels so nice. Was good to see Melissa. LOVEEEE her new location. GORGEOUS SHOP!
See ya soon! xoxo!


Star Rork said...

awww poor mamma. hope the family is doing better now.

Jocelyn said...

So sad.....but I am glad to hear that is is adjusting....hope all goes well with the other three!!!

Wishing you a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Babydoll said...

So sorry to hear about your kitties. :(

JanuskieZ said...

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