Sunday, January 10, 2010


Color me happy! The new season of Chuck started tonight. American Idol starts Tuesday. FINALLY SOMETHING DECENT ON TV TO LISTEN TO WHILE I SCRAP.
Life is good again.

Bella has been scrapbooking with me today. (I will post our creations in the next day or two) Got to go get her in bed she has school tomorrow.


Little Ol' Liz said...

What? No "the Bachelor" in all it's fine, catty goodness? OK, maybe it's just my household that keeps it on the air. I've got a Sister to marry off!

Greta Adams said...

not to mention project runway starts thursday...and if you haven't been watching you need to catch the first season of modern family on hulu....girl that is some funny shit....
it comes on tonight but we are in season 2 so you need to catch up..i promise you will want to kiss me.

and tell john i want some more of that dip dammit!!

Anonymous said...
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