Monday, August 03, 2009


Well Im back on my blogger blog today :)
Having major issues today!!! IS IT MONDAY? DREAM HOST SAYS MY BLOG DOESNT EXIST. with their server We switched but then moved it back we thought.Now my domain is locked for 2 months Ok, fine. I will just use my blogger account. I don't care.

But also OSS is closing down. Tracy is closing the store soo the servers have to go down. Not her fault though. I just can't get ahold of the IT person to figure this out and understand what is going on UGH! SO MAD! I didnt get to get my stuff off my blog. grrrrrr. OH well, I have it saved though. I have the file I can make a new one. In the transfer my blog was not associated with that (supose to not have been) but somehow in the confusion.... anywayyyyyyy today my blog is gone. Im still not sure how but anyway all I know is it ain't there! Im not real happy today.
but I'll get over it. crapp happens. nothing I can do about it but just keep going. Keep swimmin' I love scrapbooking. It is about all I have to keep me moving. If I stopped doing that I would do nothing but stay in bed. I get out of bed each day Take care of my family and come scrapbook :) mingle with you guys! SOOOOOO, speaking of that here is something you can look at.

THe journaling pulls out from the top behind the photo It says :
Bella and Brayden discuss important hot topics at the fall festival.
Things weighing heavily on every 4 year olds mind. You know like
Where the ice cream is, Location of the playground, But the latest
big scandalous news was that 4K was actually optional!!!

I used the threading water punch from fiskars across the top of my photo to give it that scallopy look. ISNT THAT CUTE? I used pop dots behind the title so WHAT? would REALLY POP so you could see the SHOCK of the surprise of it all. I wanted that to just really jump out.

We have a visitor at our house right now. She has been keeping Bella pretty busy.
Im getting flash backs from the last time we had a such visitor. I will have to bring us those photos.....
but here are some for your enjoyment of THISSSS visitor sighhhhh.

I think she wants to keep it .... what do you think?
Her name has changed about 4 times already.
She told me yesterday she just showed up on the porch. Then later confessed she followed her up the driveway.... "well, sorta followed me" "I had milk and treats in my hand" (yeah I would follow you too)

I am not sure how long we will get to keep the kitty. she is soooooo allergic. she is already sneezing and scratching. School starts next week.
She is so happy though. She is occupied I can say that. Man why could this cat have not shown up weeks ago? My sanity would have been so much more at ease. She has had THE BEST time today with this cat.
Tomorrow may be a different story but today. IT has been a great thing.
Although I wonder if I should warn the cat about our previous cat we had. I think that cat is now in a support group. Actually I think IT FORMED a support group "Bella annonymous" little girls who love their cats too much"
she loved it and squeezed it and petted it and chased it
omg but it was so cute. I Felt sorry for it. It kinda had that same look on its face this kitty does. That plea in its eyes for help. ya.. that one. in that photo up there.
Ill have to find photos. But look at Bellas face. SHe is so happppy. so content. sigh
Im a happy mama right now.
poor cat. She hasnt brought out the doll clothes and stroller yet. my best advice...


BabyBokChoy said...

it sure is optional if you watch my kids eat. Heck, it's optional for me, we use 2 sticks and poke at the food, crazy Asians! LOL

Deanna Kroll said...

LOL, that photo of Bella is TOOOO adorable! I hope you get the blog thing all figured out girl.... loving the layout. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the kitty! Cute pics!


Ohh sorry about the blog!! That just stinks. Hope it's all better soon. Hang in there.

Jocelyn said...

So sorry about the Blog and I just adored the story and pics of your visitor...Kinda looks like my Miss Cosmo...named after Cosmo Cricket!!!! Hoping that you will ge the blog issues all fixed!!! Smiles sweet friend!!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I love that first picture of Bella and the kitty. SO cute!!

Love the layout. Gorgeous, as usual!