Saturday, April 18, 2009

Man it has been one of those weeks. SPRING BREAK. YA. The natives are getting restless. I was ready to make Bella run laps around the house yesterday.

I can remember my Daddy sayin You makin me so *&^* mad my Eye is twitchin' He got that from my grandmother<~~~~~~ his mother that is (minus the curse word) She used to baby sit kids in her home. She baby sat me alot matter of fact I spent most of my childhood after school at her house. We spent the night down there and stayed down there alot.
Her eyes twitched alot as I remember. I just thought she was winking at me.
Daddy used to wink alot too. I realise now why.
I have had an eye twitchin week. But yesterday was the topper! I didn't feel good. Got up at 4 am sick. Had dr appt to boot. Bella was suposed to go with our good friends to a photo shoot (they do Weddings and do an amazing job) <~~~ SHAMELESS ADVERTISEMENT!! she was going to feed the ducks. The shoot was at the park. I didn't want her to look like a ragamuffin so I dressed her in a new cute outfit. But back up Im getting ahead of myself. rewind.
John had to go on a call of course. How do single mothers do this?
Makes me wonder what Octomom is thinking.
THIS ONE KID Of mine gets into more crapp. what is she gonna do with all them youngens?
IM thinking back when Bella was about 18 months and I was going through a store that will remain nameless. I had her in the buggy part of the shopping cart. She pulled my purse over to the side (I had it in the seat)SHe found these really interesting things to play with. I was doing my shopping she was playing with her toys (I THOUGHT the ones that I had given her to play with) I look down and see this wrapper and think that is odd why is that thing there eww. I look back and there one is.. I look around and this lady is snickering. Im thinking what is so funny. so I go to my buggy and look atmy child playing happily. She has my "personal hygeine purse" out and was using these new "toys" like little "rockets" shooting them out of the buggy into the air watching them fly. AS IF TO SAY HOW COOL WAS THAT MOMMY WATCH.
OMGOSH the embarassment! I could have crawled under something. so I had to back track the store and find where they all went. Now this lady was rolling in hysterics. I gave her this glare like OH YA WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE! You could have said something!!! (dont people like that just tick you off?)
SO I go through the store and find them all (I HOPEED) and leave the store. My parents put the curse on me because Im sure I was this way as a child. BUT... I FIGURE that THEY MUST HAVE BEEN SOME KINDA HORRIBLE TOOOO because it always trickles down.
I have heard stories on my father. He was very mischievious. just like my Bella. I am already making plans now for her teenage years. We are getting barbwire for outside her windows and we do have a friend that works for homeland security and has offered their services. We might just take them up on it.


DebW said...

Heeeeeeeey you! Haven't been here in a couple of weeks-so sorry! Lots of great news and pics, not to mention some great eye candy too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!
So glad to see you got out of the house and cooked to boot! 2 thumbs up!!
Fingers crossed there's more good days to come!!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Oh my stars Nancy the memories! (And the visual!!) Thanks for the Sunday morning chuckle. Sorry your appointment didn't go well. Keeping prayers for you always,