Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun at the Park

We did something today that I have not done in a long long time. Most of you know my situation and that I have pretty much been home bound for a while. I have been feeling better (ya I actually cooked this past weekend twice!!!! the fire department didnt even have to be called hehe) so today when John got through working, we went to fly her kite. (that was the original plan anyway) Well, only problem, not a lot of wind. soooooooo we went and played instead. HAD lots of fun.
NOW I HAVE NOT photo shopped and played with these photos much yet. We had a good time though and just wanted to share.

My view behind me when I told her we were going to the park instead... I think she was not to upset? what do you think?

She really wanted daddy to push her higher... I THINK THE SMILE ON HER FACE kept getting bigger and bigger.

I have alot more photos. But I want to scrap them so. anyway... you will see them soooon :) After we left the park We were all grungy and full of mulch in our hair and all over. But HUNGRY. Bella wanted to go to "The CHICKEN STORE" (there is this restaurant here that is kinda a mom and pop place that has the best fried chicken) It is a family atmosphere that wouldn't mind that you came in fresh from the park... mulch and all. So we went straight into the bathroom and I tried to get most of the mulch off of us and wash her face and hands. so we didn't look like homeless people haha. We really don't need to be eating out right now but it was nice to. we were tired and were just tired. Came home. got sick.. but it was worth going out for I tell ya!
Watched AMERICAN IDOL! YEAH HOW ABOUT THAT!!! wow (Next week 2 eliminations I think we know the 2 going home... and its disco week haha)

Im working on another page (did I mention how many boxes I have stacked on my table and how many projects behind I am? just askin?) I hope to get it uploaded here in a little bit. IF the weather cooperates we are going to try to fly that kite it is supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

I took my shot so side effects just starting and depending on how I feel and how sore I am from today's adventure... we will see. bye for now!


Angela said...

Oh sweety! I am so glad you got to spend some time outside! You can send Bella up here to fly her kite as we ALWAYS have wind. I can't wait to see the layouts that you do with those photos! The smile on Bella's face is priceless!

Bella - give your momma a big hug and tell her we all love you both!

scrappermimi said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful day! Great memories and lots to scrap!

Audrey said...

looks like you had a fantastic time! what a sweet smiling face!!!