Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally I post....

Sorry I have been so long updating.. I still have good days and bad days. I am trying to scrapbook in between but it is still VERY SLOW GOING. It is taking alot longer to do things than it used to but I seem to be enjoying the process alot more than I used to. I notice things alot more I guess.
Hard to believe how big Bella is getting. She is being such a help. She cracks me up on a daily basis. John is doing really good. Staying busy as always. He takes such good care of his girls!
Bella loves to come back here and scrapbook with me (whether Im in the mood or not lol)She also is a Mario Cart Junkie You should here her and her daddy play. I get such a kick out of listening to her tell her daddy to "eat her dust" or to " BEAT THAT" I can always tell when she is winning or losing. If she loses she will say "hmmph! ok! LETS BOWL." (she rocks at Wii Bowling don't let the little turkey fool you into thinking she can't play)

WE have our taste of the world event at her school this weekend, and I SOOOOO HOPE I get to go,( Have I mentioned how good my hubby cooks? our class is in charge of the "Delectable desserts from around the world" but I'm not gonna hold my breathe. It is also shot night, and food smells, sounds, light, air well anything for that matter sometimes standing make me sick. depends on what day it is.
This last bout with shingles then the staph, MRSA I really havn't been the same since. I guess it just takes longer to recoup? Everyone keeps reminding me Im not 20 anymore (yeah like I need a reminder THANKS FOR THAT)

enough with the boring stuff on with the fun stuff.

I did get some pages done
with this months kit for Scrapbook obsessions: which is the awesome cosmo cricket Girl Friday line!

I know the color on my page is a little off. My eyes are still kinda wonky. I have new glasses, and photoshop and they are not in sync yet. so if you can kinda just turn your head to the left squint and then ..... ughmmm yeah. ok. maybe?
not so much? ok well here... try my glasses on. maybe that will help. ok well it was worth a shot!!

Im not even through diving into this kit yet. Here is the first page I have made so far:

This is from when Bella's K-5 class went to the corn Maze. She loved feeding the lamb "right out of her hand" that was all she talked about (and the piggy races)

I have another layout put together but not finished. (shot night got in the way) But Hopefully I can work on that today. I also have another really CUTEEE project in the works but I have something else I have to wait on before I can finish it (grrrrr)
but soon enough soon enough. story of my life these days.
I may have to regroup and do soemthing else if it doesnt hurry up.
(come onnnnn sunshine!!!) soooo in the meantime....

I also wanted to show yall some layouts I had made I havnt posted in a while so sorry this is one big post. I did these for One single Seed. You all know that Treasures To Scrap the site I have worked for forever, (HEY TRACY!) has moved. We are now. ONE SINGLE SEED
Bo Bunny is the highlight this month for the sight and I wanted to share a few pages
with their product.

This page is made with their "MY DARLING" line. It went well with the photos from The Childrens Museum field trip Bella went on. I used some aging techniques in Photoshop on the photos to make them look that way (for the non scrappers out there looking) I used a paint pen and painted in the word that was in the background paper and outlined it in the stickle glitter paint. I had alot of fun making this one. I love how she has her pinky stuck out in that second photo on the right hehe.

This is made with the "Sweetie Pie" line. It is so hard for me to believe my baby is gonna be 6. So I had to do a page telling her just that. She looks so grown up in this photo. (in her cute little outfit her Aunt Karen and Uncle Windale gave her she was modeling for us) I took chipboard letters and added stickles glitter glue to them to add sparkle to them to really make them stand out and 5 buttons on the side of that big flower to add up the 6 on top of that flower. Say it isnt so... she really cannot be turning 6 this year. WASN'T SHE JUST BORN????

I am working on more pages with my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions and also I will have some other yummies to show you later. I have just not been blogging or anything else much lately. Hope you all are enjoying spring weather and staying healthy and happy. I hope your eyes and head dont hurt from tilting your head to the left and squinting and wearing my glasses hehe)
I am still getting caught up, still kinda shaky but getting there.
OH YEAH before I forget again......

OH and Happy late Birthday to my Sister in Law (Bella made you a card I will scan it) and To my mother in law I hope your arm feels better soon! (Bella made you a card too)


Cheryl Wray said...

You amaze me, that you still get scrapbooking done in the midst of all of your struggles. I love those pages!!

Jocelyn said...

So glad to see that you are creating again!!! Love the LO's!!! Wow, does seem like it is taking you awhile to come back from this one, but look what you had to struggle through!!! I pray for you and your family every night!!!! Love ya girlie!!!! SO glad to see you back!!!

Aubree said...

Happy to see you posting again....we're missing you on the boards. Love your latest creations!!

Lynn said...

took awhile for me to get here. you are rockin the projects as usual girl and i must say you winning the struggle. you go gf!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Hey my friend... Blogger AWARD for you.. check out my blog:

luv your gutz!!!

Anonymous said...

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