Sunday, December 07, 2008

ya ya ya I havnt updated and stuff I know....

Hey Yall!Im still alive so far. Im actually graduating to the couch. I have laptop in lap and watching John play star wars on the x box (ohhhh ahhhhhh) HE is killing all sorts of things for my utter attention. Saving the galaxy and making me dizzy while he is tryin to figure out the functions of this game.

I have been surfing the internet looking for ideas for christmas presents. Being that the economy at the Jones household involves a list of medications, Santa is feelin the cringe this year and calling the reinforcements. Therefore if anyone is gettin crapp for christmas it will be Crapp I make. which means it is good crapp of course. I just have to get Blood pressure down to BELOW STROKE LEVEL and keep it their consistently so I can make said crapp.

I started on a mini album last night for my neighbor today is her birthday (Happy Birthday Diane) She is a wonderful person and does so much for us. I wanted to do something special for her birthday. well.. I had this kit for this cute maze album from Jessica where I am on the creative team for WE SCRAP(thank you jessica) (yes that was a total pimp for the classes there so go click on them lit up words wont ya?) and it was relatively simple to do. I got halfway through though and took my bp... 129 over 104 ok that stinks. Why does scrapping raise my bp? I mean everything was precut and already done. All I had to do was put together. SIMPLE ENOUGH! but nooooooooooooooooo. Blood pressure doesn't listen to reason or care it is her birthday TODAY and I need to get this made. so. I have a half made album before nurse ratchet (aka hubby) reminds me ... "AREN'T you supposed to be in bed not SCRAP BOOKING?" hence the mini album still sits in its half finished state while birthday proceedings are still moving along. SIGH... this just sucks.

Since I have graduated to the couch I got the laptop and did some searching for fun christmas creations. I listed them all HERE at TREASURES TO SCRAP. in the forum.
Check em out for some Christmas creativity and if you know of some others please link me up I will keep listing them through this month.
In other news THAT daily album I was gonna do.. hahahahaha so funny you thought I forgot that huh? ya. so didnt happen. Unless u want photos of me laying in bed staring at the ceiling fan willing this bp going down. ya exciting whehhw.
so I will change it to week in the life instead of month and wait for this bp to go down and maybe a week when we are ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING worth putting in an album.
otherwise... it would actually be a good way to use up all my z's in my chipboard collection that are filling up my z tray.
hmmm thats a thought. Not sure id want an entire album on sleep though. I mean how many pages could I get with sleeping on left side anyway. ::insert eyeroll::

Bella did decorate our christmas tree. John put it up and she put up all the decor on it. We have to remember she is 5 and can only reach SO HIGH and well you guessed it. all the ornaments are in one big clump in the center and bottom. we only had one fatality and it was a cheap ornament and not my gail pittman one thank you god. I was a little nervous when I saw it on the tree. That thing is probly one of my prized ornaments that well... cost as much as the tree if I wanted to replace. NOOOOO I didn't buy it YOU KNOW me bettere than that I thought. I actually won it when I used to work at Bellsouth in a drawing. She was one of my customers and told me she was doing this christmas thing I won a serving tray and this gorgeous ornament.
My tree isnt like those fancy trees you see on some of the other blogs. Mine has lots of handmade by Bella ornaments on it from 2 3 and 4 k and sunday school projects. Also several handmade by me combined with sponge bob, dora, and cinderella and other various princess ornaments dangling from lit up limbs.
HEY thats what our tree is a big ol memory book. Each ornament MEANS something. Represents someone or something or a year past in the Jones household.
So their MARTHA~ we can be crafty!
I didn;t contribute much this year in the decorating spazz I mean chaos I mean ughhhhhh yeah. I had shot night the night before (friday) and since my bp is up I can no longer take my naproxen (it has sodium in it and sodium and bp dont dance together. actually they dont even go to the same parties)
SOOOO that means i get the full slam deal of the side effects from the interferon. which means I feel like i have a bad case of the flu. chills fever bone aches cant get warm everything including my hair hurts. YA dont cha wanna rush out and get some?
THis is supposed to extend my life though so gotta take it.

I will attempt taking photos of our tree later. Bella is off with Diane (see above about birhday) today. She goes to church with them on sunday's. They needed kids for their Christmas Program and since I have one we offered to let them borrow her. Cause we are just nice that way. (and we love David and Diane and trust they will actually bring her back you know.. when she gets tired or hungry or needs new underwear)
SO far so good.

Hope you have a nice sunday and sorry I havent updated ya in a bit but ughmm been busy with the laying on left side thing. you know how complicated that can get.
Hope you have good sunday. Im off to watch My hubby save the universe.


DebW said...

Good to see you were able to get up for a little while!

Babydoll said...

Hey Nancy! I'm just stopping by to say hello. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by my place for a give away. I hope to see you there! :)

renee said...

Hey, take care with the bp, it is no joke. Hope you get to filling better soon.

Gaspegirl said...

I hate having to lay on my left side because my hip gets so sore! I hope you are doing better and tackle that blood pressure and get it to stay down! Down darn BP, DOWN!

Make it a great day girl!